Video: Anti-democracy activists (SJW fascists)
“One of the most common and strongest criticisms of fascism is that it is a tyranny. Fascism is deliberately and entirely non-democratic and anti-democratic”
They don’t care what they do, they care what they are labelled.

They always come out against the common muck eventually.

The people calling everyone else a fascist…

I am rolling my eyes as hard as I can.

eyeroll jessica jones omg wtf shut up

They parrot Guardian talking points. No original thought.

It’s false consciousness Communist argument again, that the working class couldn’t possibly unite¬†contra their own opinions, don’t they know what’s for Their Own Good? They should listen to their Educated Betters!

Moreover, check the classic ‘SJW face’ when asked about propaganda.


Classic SJW Face.


3 responses to “Video: Anti-democracy activists (SJW fascists)

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