Iron Man now black girl

Magically smarter than a white man twice her age captured by terrorists.

dean that's enough no more internet laptop shut no no no nuhuh supernatural

But the plot to bring her in is grasping at straws, technically she steals the suit.
Why do I get the feeling they’re raping the genderbent tag on tumblr for plots?

It’s like black Hermione but instead of blackfacing the magic character it’s the IFLS ‘magic’ of space memes.

Don’t they get offended by the tokenism?
That they need the cultural welfarism of pinching famous white characters?

Tony is a whore. He isn’t a nice character. An alcoholic, compulsive lying, drug-taking, sex-tape making whore.

I know what the core fanbase will do. The one that put up with making Fury black, with making Spiderman black, with making Ms Marvel Muslim etc etc.

They’re taking their most famous property and ruining everything about him for a quick buck. The original fans won’t stick with it. Iron Man became the most popular character in the lineup because he’s a white man. It’s easy to project onto him. Is it too soon to call Disney’s decline? I don’t think so.

Geek/comic stuff isn’t cool anymore, it’s too mainstream; it’s slowly slipping out of focus for fantasy.*

I think this is the SJW Entryism event horizon for Marvel. How can anyone take them seriously after this, as if Rescue bossing around her boss and lover wasn’t humiliating enough? Kirby would be spinning, you could power a Tesla off that thing.

*Proof, you say?

They’re riding the comic gravy train because they’ve run out of ideas.
A lot of it is based on merchandise, they used to be limited to children but now grown adults are buying up toys like kids.
Adjusted for inflation, most of their biggest successes are behind them. Originally, Iron Man was the big winner with adults but now Avengers tops the list and they’ve never been able to top it.
Who’s the main character of both films?
Keeping up with the pace is a full-time job, it’s too much.
The death knell is that the original, cool people aren’t going to SDCC anymore. Pause and think about the implications. It was commercial before, at this point it’s a massive toystore. Hipsters hate everything about what these conventions have become and they dictate what is fresh, not the TV/films/ad people.
The type of people who go to these things nowadays are tumblrinas who think it’s okay to show actors gay porn and start groping them. The little kids with parents get a pass. If it were exclusive, it’d be more intimate, quiet and like the pre-screened check-in at the airport with virtually no lines. At this point it’s a club everyone has discovered, I’ve held my tongue for a while but all the worthy people (not there for attention) mentally checked out a few years ago. You go there now if you make more money than it costs, but it’s an endurance, not a pleasure.
“Even if I do get in for free, I don’t want to go anymore. It’s too crowded and too frustrating. It’s not fun anymore,
and that’s fine.”
Sign of the times? Comics themselves are effectively worthless, as we all knew deep, deep down.
Trends are not an investment. Wine, real artwork and property are an investment, people will always need those things.
“But there just aren’t any buyers anymore.”
It would be funny if it weren’t sad. They bought the tulips. That’s why comic sales have dropped the past few years, people weren’t buying them to read them.
“A recent piece on the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch website was especially enthusiastic about comics as an investment strategy, calling them “more predictable than stocks” and “recession-proof.” Old comics, the author suggested, could even save your home from foreclosure.’
oh no oh dear hides facepalm double
Can you say bubble? If everyone tells you to do it, the strategy is dead.
““We’re seeing the worst falloff of Marvel and DC sales in the store’s 38-year history.
Both companies are losing established readers who no longer feel that the company’s output reflects the sort of comics they enjoy….As recently as five years ago, there were no Marvel Universe titles that sold in the single digits for us. …The most disturbing trend involves established readers who have sufficient disposable income that they can afford to buy what they like to read. …When a dedicated DC customer who was buying EVERY New 52 title in 2011 and 2012 is now buying no DC titles, or a dedicated Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man/Thor customer has dropped all of these series, it’s troubling.”

Not that I think DC is doing any better. New 52, really?
Retconning the backlog people loved? The USP? For real?

12 responses to “Iron Man now black girl

  1. It’s almost like Hollywood doesn’t understand that the weight of reviews is dropping off. It used to be that once the SJWs saw you it was lose-lose: you don’t pander to them and the reviews and ratings from idiots bury you, you do pander to them and the loyal customers leave. But that issue lasted six years at most. Now it’s increasingly common that people do not pay attention to critics and ratings and online reciews, because they have realized that vindictive people with agendas have hijacked them. And they say GamerGate didn’t help… 😛

    • Comic readers care about the stories, not the token PC signalling. As the news report on sales has shown, it doesn’t bode well for the company. Apple can afford to be uber-PC because they don’t make stories, it’s just hardware.

      • Yep. What I’m saying is, for a brief period of time “critics and experts” mattered a bit to everyone. And Hollywood is only reacting now that nobody cares about “critics and experts” any more. They’re responding to a short-lived cultural trend that’s already on life support.

      • It’s like when Yelp first came out and restaurants and hotels began to panic and buy reviews and give bloggers preferential treatment. You or I could have got free food in the middle of that hype for flashing a blog admin page. And now when you say you have a blog they just shrug. We get over these fads quickly.

  2. If they want diworsity in comics they should pull their heads out and dream up some new ones (as if) but they know no one will read them. Culturally appropriating icons isn’t going to work either, as they will learn.

  3. Ah, The ‘New 52’… I’ve yet to see someone so astoundingly and completely miss the point of a character as the coat-hanger abortion that was the ‘New 52’ take on Wonder Woman.
    Sadly, It’s not just an issue with the ideological preaching in comics nowadays.
    Many stories are written by people who lack any understanding of the characters they’re writing and/or what they’re about. Plus, even on just a technical level, the stories tends to be trite and rather badly crafted.

    • Apparently the guy doing this is an open SJW, the same one who turned Spiderman black. It’s obvious he has a fetish. If he wants to write a black character, using a white label is tokenism at best.

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