Americans have no right to lecture the rest of us


Stats are from a few years ago I think.

Broadly speaking, they are generally the worst.

Yet, they keep pointing to places like NW Europe and crying Degeneracy!

It grows tiresome.

2 responses to “Americans have no right to lecture the rest of us

  1. This does not compare like and like. Does not account for US population size nor does it account for massive black population in US. Would drop down massively if blacks were removed from US on 1, 2, 5, 6, and 9.

    Let me discredit category 1: Total Crimes. US has 4.89x the population of UK and 3.93x the population of Germany. US has massive black population, that commits horrendously outsized amounts of crime. When comparing white Americans with NW Europeans, you will find comparable figures per capita.

    Simply dive into the FBI crime statistics and it becomes quite clear.

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