Link: Age of menarche and dietary fat

Why post about this?

A lot of men stupidly assume it’s a hard limit. For men obsessed with writing about women’s bodies, the least they could do is be well informed on the biology.
Nope, it’s variable, and like men, an earlier age can be triggered by masturbation (which a lot of ‘modern’ Sex Ed encourages). Putting that piece of trivia out there, in the easy porn era. There must be a similar effect for men. The hormones involved kick start the process. It may be to blame for all the hormonal issues suffered by women nowadays, and since the egg reserves are depleted faster, earlier infertility or lower sperm quality in men (more mutation generations in the same age range).

Why tag manosphere, of all things?

They seem to think the Naturalistic Fallacy can be applied to age of consent.

“If she bleeds, she breeds” among other disgusting perversions of Darwin. [ot: IT DOESN’T SAY THAT ANYWHERE EVER] The body takes about 2-3 years to stabilize once puberty begins. Sometimes longer, up to five. It’s a system, there isn’t a single marker. Otherwise, natural birth defects and natural death in childbirth await your ‘natural’ guidance. Let’s be honest, they have a virginity fetish, they’d lose interest after the first time.

However, if women are fertile by nature at 17, then they can’t possibly endorse of paedophilia of Japan’s age of consent, for example. But they will, because they’re pedophiles at heart. The kind of guy to constantly go after 18-25 year olds when he’s old enough to be their father. No logic can diminish vain lust.

This type of information fundamentally refutes their porn-fed ignorance.


Spot the Paedophile is always such a fun game and even easier than Spot the Vegan.
Casually mention this in conversation and it’s surprising, like the classic question of asking which Harry Potter film Hermione got hot in.

The adverse effect of porn on pair bonding and monogamy (hello Coolidge Effect) also rustles their ‘redpill’ jimmies.

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