Video: Hancock’s Ice Age and other ancient civilizations

I think this would match up nicely with the timelines of A Troublesome Inheritance and other theories of NW European genetic drift ascending to cultural supremacy, in that they got the (what we’d now call) evolutionary jump on other peoples.

There are Russian theories of alternative history too. The MSM dismisses those, even though the Russians don’t come out looking good.

It reminds me of Stonehenge, every one looks at the same thing and sees something different.

To appeal to the authority of older theories is typical academia. And they say they hate outdated traditionalists….

There is an issue with postmodernism in that it arrogantly presumes modernity is always superior to history when the evidence contradicts this e.g. average 19th century IQ versus the lowest, dysgenic 21st century (racial confound notwithstanding). This isn’t a matter of speculation but solid fact. It cannot be explained away, like that temple and like Stonehenge and like continental drift and population genetics. That won’t stop the liars from trying. Academic fraud should be illegal, embezzling taxpayer funds.

Geology is a harder science than archaeology, which is purely observational and speculative.

A key assumption of archaeology is that If it’s important, it’d still be around.

Look at what IS is doing to ancient monuments built by people with slaves smarter than them and say that again.


One response to “Video: Hancock’s Ice Age and other ancient civilizations

  1. That’s what passes for logic, these days. “It can’t be that old because it’s the only one.” Note the projection with “cherry picking data,” too.

    I’d like to see that.

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