Summer Holiday Break

Post-Brexit shoddy posting frequency, I went on holiday again and remembered I’d forgotten to mention it.

If that makes any sense.

Yeah, not dead. Just dying on today, the hottest day of the sodding year.

Every Brit today is slowly melting like a 99, no exceptions.

Previously, I’d packed up my thumb drive of Mr Robot Season 2 and binge-watched.

The finale, spectacular, spectacular. In binary code.

Meanwhile, Tyrell is still everyone’s fave in this pastiche.

If you didn’t get the reference.

And now the long wait for literally all the TV shows.

Update: non-spoilery review to wet your whistle.


Mr Robot is an interesting show. Let us don a mask and pretend we are Anonymous and as Wilde said, a masked man will tell you the truth.
It raises questions about the nature of QE. Most money is held as binary form nowadays, the ultimate endless fractional reserve. It’s worse than Bitcoin, which at least has a GPU/CPU mining check. What would happen if, in the next few years, those structures of QE collapsed? Those central banks? What if they died? They have been dying since 2008, as Pluto entered Capricorn. You may laugh but check the cycle of revolutions, it’s about 250 years, the orbit of Pluto. Capricorn is in the last fiscal house of the inter-constellation cycle. The ancients weren’t stupid.
And eventually, this fall must happen on a physical level from an IT security angle which obviously I know nothing about. Consider the frailty of the hardware. One single solar storm of moderate size, a cosmic ray in the wrong place and it would be the K/T extinction event for computers. Noah’s flood in a screen ‘rain‘ of bits.
Everyone would be free of usury. If you hold another’s debt, you hold their time, and this is far more valuable than any nominal fee dropped from a list of digits on a database in Luxembourg. It is quite priceless to hold the ear of everyone in the world by fiscal force and a game of musical chairs with seats of power that they’ve kept up for an impressive amount of time. On the other hand, you can’t fool all the people all the time and bad policies from the previous century are outing.
The system is already in collapse. This dystopic media the Boomers nag about is a sense of it, from a generation that came into an economy of globalized decay. These systems are grinding and stopping and nobody is certain what comes next.
It is everybody’s problem. As The West.
It is a personal problem. Depending on our private affairs.

Broadly, though. Imagine the possibilities.
Broadly –

4th wall break dean winking wahey
Is it a problem?

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