Boomer motive for ruining property market is a “delusion”

Said anyone with an ounce of sense.

Hey, at least they’ll get to retire.

sensible chuckle

In other news, to share their dedication to equality, Universities have taken the capitalist pig economical decision and are going to charge native students the same as foreign. Cos that’ll attract the talented impoverished. Charge the poor kid from a local mining town the same as the spoiled spawn of a Chinese millionaire. Sounds fair. I’m sure their job prospects to pay it off are the same.

“it is frustrating to learn universities were lobbying the minister for the fee rise before the reforms were published.”

Hey, you wanted equal treatment, right, goys?

Piggies in a trough, told ya. Nothing will redpill the Indebted Generation faster than seeing their heroic Cultural Marxist crusaders charge them through the nose to hear why they’re the scum of the earth and should also rebel against their oppressors (???, read: parents).

Lib Dems made the decisive fee increase (3x, that’s a ‘three’, not a ‘free’, for all you liberal arts wankers) and Labour invented tuition fees in the first place.

Students generally don’t know this because the Left fucks them over with censorship. If the topic comes up, be a dear and remind them?

laughing lol haha liar liar

“Yes, you did, in fact, vote for this.”

Make this expression as they look it up on their dumbassphones, it’s immensely satisfying.

On the plus side, the SJW entryism will now be infecting Asia preferentially (whores go where the money is), so economically we won’t have to worry about them in about 10-20 years. They’ll murder their own competitive kin with the cult.

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