Video: Where did Special Snowflakes come from?

Substance abuse, inc. prescription drugs, which can actually give you brain damage and make you crazy.

And alcohol, which is coming out worse than smoking.

Attachment disorders and narcissism often manifest as substance abuse and poor impulse control, especially casual sex because they crave physical intimacy, being incapable of emotional. They confuse this craving for lust, which is actually pretty easy to ignore. Toddlers are 100% gratification machines.

Throwing the tantrums their parents never let them have.
Instead of holding them to adult standards and insisting they buckle up, nobody gets an easy ride in life, the professionals treat them like toddlers and wonder why they regress to that emotional age.

Teachers told them acting up at demonstrations was acceptable so obviously they applied it to everything to get their own way, deep down hoping someone will call them on their BS aka the reason Milo still books feminists.

It reminds me of the competitive fainting of previous centuries. Whoever got the most offended/sensitive won.

Update: Can we blame Boomers? Imma gonna blame Boomers.

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