Dark Triad are losers

He reframes reality to fit with his narcissistic delusions. Sleaziness, violence, stalking and perversion-sadistic games played at other people’s expense–are framed as “hedonism”,  “childlike innocence and playfulness” or “libertine freedom”. Lies are framed as “creative interpretations of reality” or clever “modes of persuasion”. Manipulativeness, slander and back-stabbing become, in his deranged mind, “Machiavellianism” or “cunning”. As the psychopath’s idiotic grins which often accompany his malicious actions reveal time after time, his behavior and intentions are as far removed from “childlike” or “harmless fun” as possible. “Freedom” too is a meaningless concept, given that his main goal is to trample on the freedom and rights of others. He intends to control and harm others: control by harming them, to be precise. 


Read the guy who came up with the clinical concept and measured it before you apply it improperly like a retard.


It’s nothing to be proud of, if you search “psychopaths are losers” you find plenty of resources explaining their parasitism. That is the opposite of strength.

“In 1998, McHoskey, Worzel, and Szyarto[13] provoked a controversy by claiming that narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy are more or less interchangeable in normal samples.”

They are, so there’s no ‘good’ side to it.

It’s like saying serial killers are culling the gullible. It’s victim blame.

Even other DTs want non-DT friends. Clue?

3 responses to “Dark Triad are losers

  1. I seriously don’t get the complaint here. Humans are as strong as the group. The human who harnesses the group is thus the strongest, regardless of how fairly they did it. The winner always wins, wherever you draw the line in the sand for parasitism. Calling the workers “winners” and the person with all the resources, all the support and the ability to gain it all over and over a “loser” does not change who the real, natural-order, capital-W Winner is.

    Plus, it’s only the front that is presented where reality is reframed. On an internal level, everyone DT knows they are violent, perverted, manipulative, sadistic liars. It’s a source of jokes in our social circles. “It’s not altruism, she likes it when you squirm during DOMS massages. What else would you expect from a sadist?” “Of course it was a lie. But it worked.” “He got what he wanted. I warned him, he didn’t listen. This is what I get when I try to be nice. He can enjoy his own failure now. Done being nice.” You only have to sugarcoat it for people who care.

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