Thoughts while reading Return of Kings

  • The sociosexual equivalent of dodgy stock tips.
  • Popular with embittered social failures.
  • The solution to a narcissistic society is more narcissism.
  • We’re deep because we think the world is over except we’re too cool for religion.
  • Everyone sucks in this century except for me. I’d be like, so successful and amazing if I was born in another century, man.
  • Buy these magic beans supplements.
  • Let’s take all the marriage advice from single guys who can never keep a girl.
  • Why are there so many bald guys and why do they insist teenage girls wanna ‘bone’ them? Nobody over 30 should use teen slang.
  • The fat doughy shrieky ones appear to be the ringleaders. Sure, he looks like he owns a vibrating buttplug.
  • I am doing nothing wrong, I was born oppressed.
  • I am entitled to my hedonism because existing is hard.
  • Maybe that’s why the West sucks.
  • Self-awareness is for fags.
  • A guy who needs to run an online business like some etsy boho hippy jewelry chick has real worldly knowledge on how you can be a big-shot success.
  • There are magic words you can use to open any woman’s legs like Aladdin’s cave.
  • At what point does charging for wrong information become a scam?
  • Why do people keep coming back here? Surely that’s proof it doesn’t work? Must be catharsis. A place to vent with a macho excuse.
  • Women aren’t people but we aren’t sexist.
  • If you think women are people, you must be a feminist (feminists agree!)
  • We need Brotherhood, it’s nothing like Sisterhood but if you insult or disapprove of any man you’re a Bad Man.
  • Never target a man, even if he’s an SJW who founded FEMEN.
  • We’re objective and have integrity, that’s why we’re charging you to post a particular political angle that doesn’t challenge our deeply held and sexually cherished belief system.
  • This is a belief system but faith is stupid.
  • They do know that all this complaining is indicative of oral fixation?
  • If I post a philosophy quote from a long-dead guy who’d have spat on me for my lifestyle, that makes like deep.
  • My self-image of being intellectual and shit is totally compatible with exposing this much chest hair.
  • If I needed to write a transcript on petty rationalizations for personal faults… this would be a quote mine.
  • Caring too much about how cool I am is totes mature and not an Instagram chick thing.
  • Podcasts are for men too ugly for camwhoring.
  • This isn’t attention-seeking but look at all the blogger drama I can cause with my internet boyfriends.
  • Here are some big inspirational words like vision and ooh look I lift because it gets the babes.
  • Johnny Bravo is a role model and no, I’m not being ironic.
  • If I got a good woman I’d pump and dump her too lol.
  • Here are pictures of women who would never sleep with us, we’d even get rejected in our dreams.
  • Rejection is a common subtext here, wow.
  • Revenge fantasies are normal and Elliot Rodger is tacitly approved of, don’t mention his white supremacy angle though. It triggers Roosh.
  • Women are bitches because I’m too reliant on them for emotional approval. This is their fault.
  • Judging strangers makes me more superior than my actions ever could.
  • Psychopaths are role models but jokes about prison rape are a bad idea.
  • Let me post something grossly inhumane and when people get ‘triggered’ by this thing I lack called a conscience, I’ll call it satire.
  • Nothing about evolution justifies pedophilia but from reading this website you wouldn’t know it.
  • I’m not wrong, you’re just stupid herp derp here’s a bell curve.
  • I act all tough behind a screen name because Fight Club but don’t tell my Mum what I say to women on Tinder.
  • I don’t understand that life really is this hard for everyone. When they complain they’re sensitive, when I complain I’m insightful.
  • I’m a stoic until someone hurts my precious man feelings and then they’re a misandrist because I honestly think I am the representative of all men on the planet.
  • Women are crazy but I will conveniently ignore how this is almost indistinguishable from them hating me.
  • I cannot conceive of a woman with a valid and negative opinion of me. This is their narcissism for thinking they can judge me, a male.
  • Islamic State do some things right, like, their women aren’t sluts.
  • Without a steady supply of sluts, I am reminded that my life is worthless.
  • Allow me to claim the oppression of the great men of history because my middle class upbringing means I don’t even know the definition of suffering.
  • Look at my Asian girlfriend this has nothing to do with anime but mudsharks are scum.
  • Jews are our friends but the MSM is the Devil.
  • America is the nexus of degeneracy but let’s Blame Europe! ♫blame Canada blares♫
  • We’re down with the kids despite being in our 30s and 40s and hitting on teens young enough to be our daughter, look at our bland memes and poorly used gifs. We don’t understand the internet.
  • BonerKing69, I don’t need to see you to know you hate your life and wanna kill yourself. (Not the worst idea, considering how much you hate life).
  • Anything I do is masculine if I say it is.
  • You can’t be nice to women, that’s social suicide! OMG, you’re so lucky you have us.
  • Bad Boys get women but they can’t keep them. I’m painfully lonely but I choose this instead of being a gentleman for a few months to hook a good one.
  • Burned out husks of ‘players’ are people to admire unless they’re female. Then ew. STDs only affect trannies and women, you know.
  • I’m big and scary that’s why I blog.
  • Cos I have a real life and the rest of you here are losers.
  • Blogging is the verbal equivalent of vaping and possibly more obnoxious.
  • Too much alcohol is bad for you but slutting around without a condom is fine.
  • Let’s talk about prostate cancer funding but I’ll never run a bakesale or fun run to raise money for it.
  • My e-books are nothing like the secret but magical positive thinking will change your life.
  • Hippies are pathetic but here’s a herbal extract you gotta try.
  • I care about my diet but can’t tell you what a microbiome is.
  • I fucking love science when I can spin it to make women look bad.
  • I know better than the Bible, but you, a Christian, do not.
  • Let’s rip off terms from social science while bitching none of it’s real.
  • Acting like a child is desirable for an adult, everything’s a game.
  • I may be a laughing stock to all my friends and family but this website told me to cut them out of my life in the comments section because I don’t need them.
  • If Roosh told me to drink poison Kool Aid I’d probably do it.
  • This is not a cult.
  • It’s a serious political movement but not one of us ‘Alpha’ men dare run for office.
  • Let’s hide on forums and talk about our feelings.
  • Don’t feminists suck? People need to know this vital message.
  • I’m enlightened, that’s why I’ll never find love. Oddly, everyone who’s supposed to love me has abandoned me but that’s their loss, bro. I don’t need to change a thing.
  • No woman will ever love me as much as I love myself. 

I could go on, but really.


The male Jezebel. Jizzabel, if you will.

2 responses to “Thoughts while reading Return of Kings

  1. They have a good one every once in a while. When they focus outwardly for a change. I had to stay subscribed so I’d know what you were talking about.
    It’s all your fault.

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