Lust supplements case study: arsenic

Although this was nonsense, it was true that very small doses of arsenic could stimulate circulation and increase weight gain. There was great excitement in 1851 when a Viennese medical journal reported on the sexual benefits which arsenic consumption was supposed to have brought the peasantry of Styria – a remote mountainous region in Austria.

The Styrians commonly swallowed quantities well above the lethal dose, but they ingested it in solid lumps which passed through their digestive tracts almost intact.

Just enough was absorbed to increase blood flow, giving the women a rosy- cheeked glow and the men an increased libido, resulting in an inordinate number of illegitimate children in the region.

By all means, trust people selling you medical supplies online.

I’m sure

there is

no way

this could


go wrong.

And they call women vain, we don’t take magic pills like Horny Goat Weed.

That last link tickled me.

If you can’t boost it the natural way (diet, exercise) don’t bother. Taking any form of supplement will decrease natural production because the artificial kind signals the production organs.

If you’re such a manly man and it’s all natural, you don’t need this shit.

Sure, load up on whey protein, bitch tits, I’m sure that’ll make up for refusing to drag your ass to a gym.

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