Pick-up tricks versus the naturally attractive


Odd site, good points.

It’s an act and they burn out.

The core difference here is that the PUA is focusing on trying to get something from her and the naturally attractive Man is focusing on trying to create something.

The PUA is trying to get sex / acceptance / validation / power from women.

The naturally attractive Man is trying to create the life he wants.

Because the PUA is trying to get her attracted to him so he can get sex / validation / power / acceptance, he’s needy, outcome dependent, and unsure of himself.

Because the naturally attractive Man is focussed on creating the world he wants, he centred, focussed, and 100% sure of himself.

I’ve seen the PUAs steal this type of information and pretend it’s what they ‘really’ do. Of course it is. Because changing your whole social life around the slightest prospect of sex isn’t a pedestal and it’s outcome independence.

They never mention lookism either. Always clothes but never anything physical. Almost like the whole thing is an act to cover their own insecurities, which they project onto women are inevitable rejection, and when their numbers hit by sheer probability, they feel validated not in the ‘technique’, but as attractive. They’re just as much attention-seeking as the women.

Or they say it’s natural for men to be shallow because genetic quality but apparently women should be choosy yet blind.

The PUA mindest of ‘trying to get something from her’ is actually the reason that most guys come to the seduction community in the first place. They try and come up with ways to get sex / validation / acceptance from women and fail.

The seduction community teaches the tricks and tools to disguise their neediness and they use it to fool gullible women long enough to get them to sleep with them.

It doesn’t actually solve the real issue though – the fact they’re trying to use women to feel better about themselves / their life.

This site is repackaging the same stuff.

Like, shit tests. A verbal challenge is far more likely from a man because men are more verbally aggressive.

i don't even whatever

We don’t act like a man being rude is more attracted to us. It’s the opposite. It’s a rejection. These men are rejected with such consistency they rationalize it as success.

Go ahead, take their advice.

The real deal is good for women and the species overall because it’s a symptom of genetic quality. No amount of magic words for text game will make a man’s sperm any better. You’d think the guys abusing sexual selection theory to abuse women would understand this. Without drinking culture they’d have nothing. Club rats, that’s all they are, male or female.

The guys who’ll say female attraction is something we can’t help because it’s the vague math of WHR etc.
But their attractiveness is malleable, you see, because their masculine-posturing ego needs it to be.

What muscle percentage? What T-levels? What waist-shoulder ratio?

They don’t get it. The game is really the genetic rigging from birth.

If you need to posture, you’ve already lost. Instead of accepting their place in the food chain they’re going after scraps. It’s sad. They should just accept what they have while young and cash in their chips for a woman in their league.

SMP/SMV theory is a direct acknowledgement of leagues.

The delusion is so strong these people literally think they’re immune to the aging process.

As a point of fact, men lose collagen more drastically than women. See Johnny Depp recently.

Women slowly lose it after around 30. Men drop like falling off a cliff around 40.
They go from looking like themselves to looking like their grandfather. Especially from the neck down.

Of course, if men aged like wine (stupid metaphor, wine goes off) then they wouldn’t need supplements. Another get rich quick scheme would become impossible to sell.

They’re an intrasexual version of the cuttlefish, pretending to be healthier (fitter) than they really are, for short-term mating opportunities. It’s nothing respectable to base a society on, it’s all signalling games. It’s similar to the transvestite men who pretend to be lesbians in order to impregnate women who are otherwise impossible to socially access. They can’t win in a fight or fair social contest with their genetic betters so they try to sneak in with little tricks and tactics and techniques hoping they don’t make the real Alpha male angry.

They think they can tell who that is on sight as well, so I’m assuming they’re all bisexual.

They’re willing deadbeat trash. Spreading disease and moral decay.

2 responses to “Pick-up tricks versus the naturally attractive

  1. “club rats” Heh!

    Like the cuttlefish, it’s perfectly natural, and only marginally effective. Humans make a career out of trying to second guess mother nature. Women that fall for it are demonstrating marginal fitness, as well.

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