Education so important we’ll exclude kids for name-calling

But only one colour of kid, right?

You don’t know how much it takes to get excluded nowadays.
Years of ‘incidents’ that all go off the books, if you’re Muslim and especially brown. The inbred children form groups involving at least a few very close cousins (even the NHS admits their problems with inbreeding and retardation).

The schools drag their heels on physical abuse and the worst taunting – if they’re a certain race/religion doing it.
Instead of addressing the wider issue of bullying, they usually punish the (often white) child whose only crime is defending themselves (now, even when it’s just verbal).

It’s like the racial equivalent of Battered Wife – if an Asian gang keeps taunting you, threatening to rape your little sister, calling her a white whore and making your life Hell for years, tripping you, pushing you in the stairwell and stealing your belongings, eventually the victims snap. (Obviously this is based on many, many true stories).

But no, they won’t encourage home-schooling, even though the native children get less attention and are falling behind academically, because they get government funding for every child on their books.

Even the technically white kids (Jews, Polish, Gypsies, whatever) get a cultural exemption card. Everyone except the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh. The book is thrown at them for being targets in the first place. Victim blaming, they must have ‘provoked’ the victim groups, right? The teachers roll over and take it but at least the law would believe them. This stuff goes on permanent record, good luck getting a good job or university place now, because a random Muslim whose father filled his head with crap wanted to tell you why Sharia was gonna enslave your mother and understandably, this is emotionally abusing.

You want minorities respected? Hold them to the same standard of behaviour. Then we might believe they’re equal. If they’re minority-majority, protect the white kids like you would the brown. Don’t allow excuses.

This is a consequence of allowing self-proclaimed ‘victim groups’ to power-trip over the natives like a conqueror. It’s imperialist behaviour and to purposefully suffer kids through this is evil.

Aside from the sticks and stones element of pointing out visible facts (e.g. this person is white, that one’s black) the teachers are openly putting politics ahead of achievement.

This coming Gen Z is going to be crimson-pilled in racial differences, and the teachers are dumb enough to be shocked. Well, if you don’t do your job and defend them, you can’t be that surprised?

Reporting and recording racist language, behaviors and incidents in schools is not about labelling children as racists, nor is it in the vast majority of cases about punitive action, including exclusions,” a spokesperson for Show Racism the Red Card, a U.K.-based anti-racism education charity, tells Newsweek . “Incidents should be recorded to help schools to educate against these attitudes which are damaging to those who carry them and those on the receiving end.

Political brainwashing
Political lists, easier to begin with children
You know the unwitting parents are going to get blamed and/or punished, making this informing on them vicariously
Permanent record to ban them from any advancement
It’s literally a scarlet R on their life and there’s no trial, there’s no court and no right of reply or defense

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