Modern lechery


The anti-feminists fail when they fail to see crime as a problem when the perpetrator is male and their excuse is hedonism.

There’s salacious and then there’s inhuman.

You’d think the so-called traditionalists would be anti- these things because they are all the byproduct of a heavily sexualised culture. Alas, hedonism lies.

For example “forced to have sex” = rape. Coercion obviates consent.

These are the fruits of the sexual revolution and they’re all rotten to the core.

Psychologically, any man with a willing woman in front of him who wants to stick it in the other hole is kidding himself about his sexuality and doesn’t get to use any evolutionary argument regarding women, ever. It’s an exit, not an entrance.

Men have no respect for women anymore but it began when they lost respect for themselves. It’s projected onto women. For example, if you ask for nudes, you don’t get to bitch about the acquiescence to your request.

The harm of pornography will take decades to understand in any… depth. Sorry. And porn is cheating according to none other than The Bible (viewing with lust).

Women, if he says differently, watch gay porn. All the time. At breakfast. In the bedroom instead of sleeping. In the garden, volume turned right up. Nothing to be ashamed of, right? No addiction here. These men also love anal so they can’t object, right? You’re watching the experts at work.

Modern women are so disrespected they’ve lost sight of the difference between pleasing a man (feminine) and being controlled by a man (who isn’t even their husband so they owe him nothing, also it’s abuse).

The manosphere doesn’t help itself by portraying all women’s issues are shrill hysteria.
No wonder regular people switch off when they try to wield the rhetoric of male abuse when they laugh at that of women. The behaviour is evil, the prevalence determines the examples used. Welcome to English.

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