Every time someone says The Past Wasn’t “Really” Sexist

I want this to flicker into your mind.

Treating one another like human beings is required for civilization, these divisions hold traditional values back by waging a war within a nuclear family. These people have feelings and until you know an individual you should tread with caution.

There are rarely adverts of aggressive women, but overall women bore the brunt of being ‘picked on’.

If we can’t improve past school-age manners, what is the point?

They attacked women for everything, some rational (sweat) and other cruel (natural intimate scent), when in fact, men are worse on all hygiene and beauty counts.

It isn’t edgy to encourage dangerous things in good people.
Because the bad people don’t listen to it.

This is also subhuman degradation, not merely ‘funny’.

I can hear Freud’s ghost yipping.

Sexist prejudice has always been a problem for certain, insecure men when they had more social power, and that is unforgivably brutish.

Only in such pervert’s minds could female enjoyment of sex with their own spouse be considered a disease.

If the husband is so great and quick to judge, why isn’t he fit enough to provide it himself?

Naturally orgasm was only seen as a ‘disease’ if a man wasn’t required to provide or enjoy it. Seriously, how can you be jealous of a machine you bought? It’s these rational foundations that feminism was based on before it twisted onto the good men as well.

Feminism was a response to this bullying.

Moreover, such terrible men are also awful to their own sex (yes, they hate their own sex because they are self-loathing). Peddling sexual pills because their own admittedly unhealthy sexuality – isn’t a disease.

Supplements for game – some things never change.

Nobody was allowed to be happy with themselves. They were always broken (classic narcissist projection).
I think perhaps the wars culled off the bravest men because they volunteered first.

But women are so useless we were indispensable in service to men. Gotcha.

So when feminists say Sexism hurts men too, they’re actually telling the truth. Do you want to be condescended openly and anonymously by the worst of humanity too?

For those saying it’s a joke, I’d love you to explain it to me. And note, they didn’t say rape of adults or women. Still funny? Would joking about murder be alright?

Of course, as skincare products, men’s makeup and more hair stuff than I can explain continues to expand in the market, men deny they’re being led like a women. Is it still vain or false advertising when men do it? Self-improvement? Shaving? Deodorant? Waxing? Hair dye?

If you want to validate these people who mock you too, go ahead, but know full well what you’re endorsing.

How many underwear models do men see like this? Better or worse than lingerie in public spaces glowering down at children and the elderly?

Here’s some STD shaming for you.

There are genuinely witty inversions of stereotype, though.

In general, advertising by insults (verbal or symbolic) is wrong.

For the butthurt among you who think I sided too much with one/other/neither…

5 responses to “Every time someone says The Past Wasn’t “Really” Sexist

  1. I still find a lot of these funny. :p What can I say, I’m welfare-gone-blue-collar masquarading as white-collar because I managed to start a business. Life needs to be put on display and mocked. All of it, and especially the dark and uncomfortable bits. Drag is the same sort of comedy, as is, believe it or not, the existence or Mr Creosote in The Meaning of Life: taking human instincts and bad habits and turning them into an even more exaggerated display. Hanging a bust on a wall, getting penis lollies for hen nights, a complete female stereotype, a rude fat man eats himself to explosion… Sure, it’s offensive. But it’s also hilarious. There is nothing that cannot be made into a brilliant joke.

    “You don’t get another one after that.”

    • Now it seems funny to us, because we don’t live it. I just don’t think it’s on that feminists seem entitled to think they can discuss historical sex divides exclusively or anyone else who tries is lumped in with them (as happened with Shooter clutching his pearls). I’ve heard first-hand accounts of how the sexes used to relate and some of them were shocking, so while it’s easy to laugh at ads, and in the right mood I may laugh, they say that you can judge a society by its art and that includes adverts. Critique is valuable. I wouldn’t mind this stuff underground but these were seen by children, another less-mentioned point.

  2. I used to remember when you were fair. Now you’re going full retard. You state that ‘feminism was a response to male bullying.’ Well, if feminism was largely a JEWISH invention, who did it really benefit?

    You’re cherry picking the ads, and some of them legitimately look photoshopped. When it came to the iconic photo of the sailor kissing that women, you were one of the many to leap on it and say that she was being sexually assaulted. When I told you that the evidence said otherwise, you ignored it.

    You write, “For the butthurt among you who think I sided too much with one/other/neither” – Look, there’s a fine line between feminist snark and real trolling. You’re going with the former. You see these posters and scream, ‘OH MY GOD, SEXISM!’ All right, what about those pin-up posters? Soft porn? Pages for dildos and other sex toys? It worked both ways. But that would take away your thesis and so prove you wrong.

    It’s getting to the point where you don’t like to be questioned. If that’s the case, you might as well go back to sticking to aluminum is poison theories and other such things – which shows that you don’t know much about chemistry, dear. But hey, anyone can be a specialist on the Internet, can’t they?

    • re Al – look up the blood-brain barrier, I know more than you
      as for feminism well there are two kinds – there’s the CM version and the meritocracy version they often try to nick, simply wanting to be treated as a human instead of a piece of meat, or in the male case, a walking wallet, is totally fair and a defining trait of the First World and by ignoring the fact some men, long dead, used to be pretty horrible to some women, we empower the CM (modern feminists) who get to recruit off the basis we’re ignoring the past

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