There’s no such thing as a ‘Native American’

let’s clear a few things up


these people are morons

fact by fact

the ‘Native American’s believed nobody owned the land, so it didn’t belong to them either, they made no ownership claim so everyone ignored their ‘right’, they waged war against the invaders and lost, and previously in thousands of years after taking the land themselves (by war) they added precisely nothing to it, living like animals, by choice all they did was live off the land and piss and shit and fuck like an animal, but America isn’t the land, it’s the idea and the people who turned it from a vast wasteland into civilization, and that was white people you ungrateful fucks
by all means, live in another wasteland, but the map reads America because the Puritans made it so
no shitty rhetoric will undo their accomplishments as no faux histories will make your own people superior, either you can or you cannot
they were there before, but they weren’t there first
if inheritance is evil from taxes to land then if the White Man can’t claim the buildings, the ancient genetic Asians can’t claim their ancestors gave them it either, unless they admit they earned it via war… transferring ownership to Whitey, see the obvious problem? if they didn’t build it Obama, who did? aliens?
and immigration is a modern polite term for invasion so please use the right words and stop being patronizing, most people in these ‘debates’ are assholes and yes I include the Republican cucks erasing parts of history that upset their feelings or those of wastrel druggies historically turned self-isolated alcoholics recently, what is there to glorify? scalping?!!

I don’t even like America in its modern form, leaving the Empire was cultural suicide but goddamn I’ll acknowledge what they did.

Notice they don’t say the political US or USofA?
America is the continental label discovered by many people (including white Vikings) but developed by few. If you do not respect this, you do not appreciate how grueling that building work must have been. Other races have seriously fucked up their own development given all the benefits of free modern technology. Look at Africa and tell me that was easy, they still have their cannibals.

The Puritans tried to merely kill theirs after being told they were supper.


4 responses to “There’s no such thing as a ‘Native American’

  1. This kinda reminds me of Jack Vance’s The Gray Prince:
    Certain groups of “natives” and progressive humans want to rid an alien planet of human colonial land barons.
    The weird monstrous creatures that the “natives” and some wealthy humans use as slaves and pets plan on killing all of the “natives” and humans because the “natives”were aliens who conquered their planet aeons ago.
    It’s later revealed that the weird monstrous creatures being used as slaves had shown up aeons before either the “natives” or the humans and seized the planet from an indigenous race of shapeshifting monsters currently relegated to zoos and preserves.
    Suddenly the progressive city dwelling humans feel slightly different about making reparations and forfeitures on the basis of who was an oppressed indigenous people.

  2. I grew up always being told by irelanders to go back to where I came from and yet they fought on the british side against americans

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