Mike Cernovich: Potemkin Alpha Male

a surprising number of them are whores with the intention to be gold-digging whores

like this guy

someone who threatens to sue everyone isn’t a threat
these guys never go after me because, aside from getting triggered to balls by what I write about them, they know I’d crush them, that isn’t a threat, it’s a promise
assuming they can trace me ofc
and bullies never go after the strong (and those in white-hat IT)
I can’t believe Dick Measuring Twitter trolls are still a thing.

“why was this high-rolling attorney wasting his time with juicing e-books and blogging?” they always try to push themselves as worldly James Bond types…. the real JB didn’t need to cheat and he married happily, they can’t keep a good girl
and juicing is dumb, you need the fibre whole to balance out the fructose or you’ll die like Steve Jobs but no, they want their Ponzi get money/pussy easy scams and wonder why lasting $$$ elude them as they chase short-term prospects like psychopaths
“is a Potemkin alpha male whose success in life is as artificially inflated as his testosterone levels” they’re the male equivalent of mommy bloggers but instead of recipes and crafts, it’s supplements and angry rants about how Women Ruin Everything and Men are Innocent Victims of Vagina Magic – this is why other men scoff at them and they have no real power, they bitch like gay men and thankfully they are genetic suicides so, who cares?

imagine being so fragile in your identity you base your entire life around bravado and homoerotic posturing for other men?

my personal favourites complain about immigrants while being sex tourists and think living in Asia on pittance is ‘success’ to be envied – in the middle of nowhere, sure, everyone cares, nobodies with a diary male edition

it’s funny how they go on about female gold diggers when they have no money

datalounge has less drama but we’re supposed to believe these are the Real Men?
they all talk, to excuse doing nothing and make vague threats online, typical omegas with the revenge fantasies and powertripping projections

degenerate hypersexuality/promiscuity is normal to the classic rabbit and they will try to argue it’s traditional (bonobos suck) because they have no impulse control or high time pref let alone civic concern, then apparently SJWs simultaneously want everyone to be in a sloppy global orgy but also no one have sex ever if consent is involved, how terrible, as if the concept is new? then when these guys find themselves in front of a judge for thinking the opinion of internet losers > the centuries of law and they can talk their way out of entitlement (there is no human right to sex, it’s another person’s body) and sexual abuse, they act like the Real Victim Here

but victim claiming is for pussies

and how can masturbation be invented by Marxists? literally how

they care so little what The Man thinks, they spend their time constantly policing us and making snide ad hominem about appearance while being ugly themselves, I’m glad they keep up their little websites because they look like a joke

Exhibit A https://storify.com/SJWIlluminati/juicebro-is-fucking-nuts

that is hilarious, I have spread it to everyone
are they so full of shit because they don’t eat fibre?
it’s lifestyle blogging like the girl who goes to India and stands in front of a temple
“Twitter battle” used seriously
final note, why are the ragequit r-type anger issues guys, always the ones claiming to be either cynics, epicureans and/or stoics? #signalling

they aren’t even right-wing, as you can tell by their lifestyle, but anti-happy for groups they hate (currently SJWs) and that kinda dishonesty is the reason the manosphere was an abortion of Sexual Revolution signalling, these of Calhoun’s Beautiful Ones too vain, dumb and full of cum to be adults

that’s why I don’t patronize their blogs/Youtube/podcasts/tweets anymore, let them starve like the Bible says they deserve
Go Galt on desperate attention whores, whatever their politics or lifestyle, you’ll instantly feel relieved and it rustles their triggered jimmies the most

Internet Famous Angry Men

It’s been about a year since I last wrote about Michael C. Cernovich, the part-time lawyer, full-time Internet bum who’s publicly threatened to sue me (that is, when he hasn’t got me confused with Zoe Quinn.) Back then, I smelled a rat – Cernovich claimed to be a successful lawyer, yet he was seemingly no longer was actively practicing law just a year after finally getting his law license; and the address he gave as his law offices turned out to be a rental condominium in a residential neighborhood. Looking at it on Google Street View, there was nothing about the property which suggested it was really a law office, yet it was Cernovich’s address of record to the CA State Bar, and theoretically the place clients sent this big-shot lawyer their checks.

It was one of several details of Cernovich’s life that didn’t add up: why was this high-rolling attorney…

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