If you use SJW tactics, you’re an SJW

and we will respond accordingly

note to the smoking crater of the manosphere

cool mocking shades yes peace

got a tip they might try to doxx me or at least some small libel like Fatty McManboobs tried (and no one swallowed)


laughing lol haha liar liar

r u sure

r u sure you want to even attempt this

please be sure because if someone fucks with me, you’ve given me full license to fuck back, morally

this is apparently based on pointing out the public, obvious facts about Mikey the Juice Guy – and laughing at him, daring to laugh at a stranger who makes a public spectacle of themselves on the internet
exhortation is a Christian duty, we note flaws regardless of your demo, that is fair and necessary where they misrepresent our values
we seek reason, not emotion, you made your own rope, not us

do you really want to fuck with the Alt Right little boys?
we are not brittle like your narcissism of small differences SJW fuck-up drama friends, in a massive circlejerk of pointing and shrieking about CNA YOU BELIEVE WHAT THEY DID triggering where you all get off on the attention and make shekels from patreon and ebooks
you are so far to the left of me with your drugs, drinking and sexual practices (whoring self and others) that it would really take the mask off for you to start going after people like me, you know, real traditional ones, as you claim to be the moral rulers of us, and signal as more respectful of tradition than the people who live it

I am not siding with the feminist, I had never seen this one before, simply agreeing that terrible people (by action) are terrible (by reputation). Whatever their signal to ingroup with the powerful for protection before the wind changes. I do not care what you call yourself, but how you behave.

this is clear in my writings, I have critiqued everyone, you are not special, snowflakes

here is a fact, aside from the titular one

you do not fuck with one traditional person, we have high trust and social bonds, you fuck with the whole family

are. you. quite. sure.

joker DC smile smirk evil grin lol haha

if you wanna go, I won’t tell you to stop

but I will not

and I am far more patient

bear in mind, the SJWs, with all their power, would rather shut down mentally and pretend I do not exist, than fuck with me

I’ll leave you with this demonstrable fact.

They’re too scared to even use my name.

One response to “If you use SJW tactics, you’re an SJW

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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