Treasonous fascists’ opinions > Millions of votes


“adhering to the sovereign’s enemies”

This country is not the EU. It never has been because the previous vote was about the EEC.

Telling the Monarch they can’t do something is treasonous, it questions their power.

Who the fuck are you?

Fascist is quite easy to define: anti-democracy, anti-freedom and controlling (domination).

Often uses the law.

Look how proud she is of herself.

Look past the pleasant language and look at the ideas.

e.g. first question she claims to be neutral party, only to push a load of Remainiac bile.

She wants to make a name for herself, hence these interviews. She is proud of this.

Here’s the qualifications.

Aside from being involved in EU law and making a fortune out of their politics, and misrepresenting our law (it doesn’t solely work from precendent and we do have Bills).

She’s also foreign. Is anybody surprised?

Gratingly, she does some good work on pensions.

She complains that people are boycotting her company (their right) but is apparently pro-consumer choice.

“As I said before, I’m an adrenaline junkie but also a petrol head.”
She wants to make a name. Oh, she will.

Then you get people in the industry thinking they’ve always been…. dodgy.

“It turns out that Gina (who has a history of starting businesses) pushed him into it in the first place.”

“Before working with Alan, Gina had carved out a successful career in events and marketing with BMW and Legal & General. She also started, and later sold, her own financial services marketing agency, SWAY Marketing. SCM – of which she is the chief executive – is the seventh business she has either founded or co-founded.”

Why does an American immigrant think she can over-rule the British monarch?

The Queen IS sovereignty. This person plays dumb to the basics of our system while subverting it.

Ew, New Money.

I can’t find where these new charities direct their profits, which is odd, but I’ll bet you it’s the top social justice project, #1 refugees.

Conflict of interest? Like the courts will care, or a foreigner would’ve never been allowed to question our sovereignty in the first place.

These conceited people have no idea how enraged the population will be, millions of people, if they overturn a democratic result. This is why they were blocked from voting.
Parliament is also decided by that voting public.
The referendum was agreed in public before it was held, it already IS legal and Remainiacs like this didn’t stop it, thinking they’d win. They had the option to make a clause for a revote if it was close – nobody took this option, I watched the debates.
If Parliament dare betray the People, a constitutional crisis ensues because the MPs were allowed power by the same system (voting, a rarity in her homeland), and this woman will at best be deported for treason… or likely worse, since she pretends to have greater legitimacy in her opinion than the Monarch and Her people. If the courts had any sense, they’ll chuck this out and punish her. That is why, in centuries as she admits, this has never been questioned … because it’s treasonous. If the ‘Sovereign’ cannot overturn Acts of Parliament, there is no monarchy, there is no ‘Royal Assent’. She isn’t even a fascist of her own country and her own people but I guess you can take the girl from the corrupt Third World shithole, you can’t …etc etc.
It’s the lawyer Marie Antoinette, dumb as fuck in the face of an angry crowd with legitimate grievances, she thinks her opinion is worth more than dozens of MILLIONS of votes. Consider this. She thinks there are no repercussions, along with the others who filed and are now in the permanent public record – forever. Whichever politicians get in, in future. They have these records.
It’s no secret her ilk profit from ‘human rights’ from the EU, a conflict. But statute doesn’t give us rights, it merely enshrines them in law. Magna Carta pre-dates Parliament and can never be struck down, there’s no proof it’s even possible. Nobody can take away our rights as long as we are human, whatever the law says rights are innate, they exist without society. This is basic legal theory. She must know it but she lies.
This won’t block anything, these fools don’t understand, but it will galvanize the public against the Establishment and they’ll want blood, feeling their oppressed sentiments are justified.
The perceived invincibility of these classes is the exact problem, this arrogance of theirs “Oh yeah? what are you gonna do about it?”

Well, we all outnumber all of you.

So, a lot. Historically.

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