Link: A defence of virtue signalling (and vice signalling)

Signalling isn’t bad when it’s in good faith about real stuff.
They’re hypocrites after something else (status) discussing shades of nonsense.

Vice signalling is something they pillory, calling it shaming as if an emotion is evil. (also the Germanic spectre of ‘Hate’, the Boogeyman of our time) Anything vaguely Christian is evil – they preach.

The Churchians/CHINOs are the worst, imho. Wolf in sheep’s clothing specifically refers to fake Christians, what else? e.g. If they refute the welfare and refugee ‘aid’ prohibition in 2 Thess 3:10, they aren’t worshiping this God. Another fun one is the stoning penalty for adulterers or the ban on divorce, let alone multiple marriages while both parties still live. Abandoning children is a given No and very touchy a subject to the MGTOW crowd. Or to mention that forgiveness was given by Jesus on the condition “go forth and sin no more” as in, never again.
It’s especially clear who they serve when they begin mentioning stuff as a sin, a precise label, when the Bible doesn’t mention it once e.g. masturbation. The Bible repeatedly mentions plenty of things, but we’re supposed to assume Trent from MA knows the mind of God and how He just ‘forgot’ to slip it in. (sorry, bad joke)


This site’s full of goodies.

My hiking companion believed that our society could be perfected. She argued that culture needed to be controlled in a way that limits the field of human possibility so that we can no longer entertain oppressive thoughts.

Here’s the thing to know about Cultural Marxists:-

They cannot control themselves, therefore they seek to control others. They cannot earn positions of power, they steal authority by cheating. However, they use the faith of good positions e.g. sex crime is wrong, to argue in bad faith the definition need be expanded. The slow creeper weed approach to progress.

Narcissists want everyone’s life to suck if theirs does. Hedonists, most of them, once burned out themselves they envy those with impulse control, still enjoying their dopamine circuits. When exposed, they will claim The Person Saying We’re Totalitarian, is the REAL Totalitarian. You also see this in the manosphere, where Roosh posted that hilarious article about how the Alt Right wants to stop degeneracy (yes), mudsharking (generally yes) and Sexual Revolution (feminist) promiscuity culture (duh). ….And this was the TRUE EVIL GUYS.*

throw head back laughter george jungle

Only the Muh Dick crowd could see sex as a right, nay, an entitlement. No better than that refugee in that video complaining about his swollen balls. These people are not like us, to put it politely. They need to be bribed to be here, to claim to believe these things. If you won’t give them what they deserve, they throw a hissy like an SJW about sex-positivity and their Rights. I’m sure it’s a coincidence both groups are vaunted sex tourists.

Meanwhile, they have other stuff up intended to appease us about Women Need to Be in the Kitchen (they refuse marriage) and Patriarchy Rules (genetic suicides) and Tradition FTW (everything about them is postmodern and hollow). In practice, they do not want what they claim to support. That’s how you expose the signallers, they expect an entitlement to exception. e.g. all other men marry and support families, but I can deflower your daughters and riddle them with STDs YOLO. For thee, but not for me – their motto. You hold them to their policies FIRST. Well if the call-up is such a great idea, MRA, why should only women do it? If men wanted all the benefits of a military education and pension themselves, you should sign up first. When we see the benefits, we will follow. aka Empiricism. So you tell that SJW to restrict her social media posting, which is a far lower bar than restricting thoughts. They cannot do it. They haven’t the impulse control, medically. Moreover, this is the cause of the constant drama bitch fests between the Roosh cultists and whatever Institute he claims to be running this week, versus Feminists, Inc. Both sides are in on it. They want this gravy train of outrage to keep going to make money off their book deals and internet presence. They do not want to solve the problems. Their solutions set us back as a society and they refuse to spearhead these efforts themselves or even show affiliation. Affiliation is more corporate than signalling, you’re lashed to the mast of that ship, so to speak.

To these posers we say Prove It. 

As if Patriarchal social control is a bad thing, when you advocate for Patriarchy yourself? Idiots. Just…. prize fools.
They don’t even see the opposition is to all forms of CM control, there’s no point arguing with them so we just laughed.

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