Video: Basic Bitch White SJW verbally abusing a driver

They’ve started complaining Basic Bitch is racist (anti-white, reverse, which previously they said wasn’t real) to all the intersectional feminists (read: black) who use it, so let’s keep that term rolling.

These people are Little Hitlers, little control freaks. It’s about about domination and verbally-asserted control.

Not to mention gendering him on appearance, but Bruce Jenner’s a woman, right?

I love the part where she insists she isn’t rude, even though she assumed the poor man’s race and started threatening him with global libel, his very reputation and livelihood. The moment she piped up he should’ve treated her like her father should’ve treated a spoiled 11 year-old girl – stop the car, insist she get out, refund her money so she can’t complain or review him.

That’s the professional thing but he’s a nice guy so he assumed this was a reasonable person he was talking to. Just because this person looks like an adult does not mean she comports herself like one.

They have a pattern to these monstering/mobbing incidents now. Prior to a full witch hunt.
1. Target someone of a lower class, preferably working class and at-work (who cannot leave or tell them to FO) minding their own business quietly. Remember, they’re cowards, all bullies are cowards.
2. Make a sarcastic statement about the most trivial thing they can find, use the word ‘offensive’. Amplify it, especially if the victim is non-responsive.
3. Bait the intended victim to reply, while filming without legal permission.
4. Any reply is taken as proof of guilt and/or ignorance. Begin Straw Manning and circular reasoning where the SJW is always right and everyone applauds.
5. Preaching about suffering you should totes believe them on. All the preaching. Imaginary, hypothetical victim. BUT FEELINGS WAH WAH WAH.
6. Demands.
7. Escalate demands. Enjoy the stress and upset of victim, perhaps mocking their reaction in light of imaginary victim group. Like that snotty kid at school like Oooh, you’re gonna be in so much trouble.
8. Act as judge, Or else, Or You’ll Be Sorry. They assume the moral high ground to judge (racial, sexual) group.
9. Threaten. Explicit threats.
10. Throw out various casual unobservable slander to see if the victim questions it.* “You have been very rude and extremely entitled.” – projection and lol, when he politely replies with sarcasm, “You fucking selfish dumbass idiot”**
11. If not, double down. Maybe get in their face hoping they’ll freak out at the proximity and slap you away. (She leans forward, right behind his head, because that isn’t threatening).
12. Keep lying about how many people really care (truth: 1), escalate the emotional tension to get attention / their rocks off.
13. Repeat until they crack and apologize (carry out threat) or defend themselves (possibly carry it out if you think you can rally enough hate on Twitter).

I really do think they’re aroused by this humiliation. You can’t convince me otherwise.

4;30 “I’m excited.” Yes, they are, sexually. A simple arousal study would prove me wrong. When an SJW hate-reads or monster mobs someone, I’ll bet their GSR is off the charts. This dominatrix behaviour with unwilling public victims is like the (mostly female) verbal equivalent of frottage. Do not google that.

They’re victimizing – on behalf of ‘victims’. Victimizing in these cases would actually be incitement, especially the computer variants like doxxing numbers, addresses, calling up their work/family, going to the press.

He should’ve kept using the term ‘verbal abuse’ and pointing out her ‘classism’. They always STFU when caught on those two things and all social justice is a ruse to cover for rampant classism. Call into the office (Lyft, in this case) and report her for future drivers, she’ll lose it, losing control and scream down the phone I guarantee it. Get her banned from the service. She admitted to filming it (so legally she can say she felt unsafe) so if she then stopped filming to scream at him, she would look bad in court. These 1st world princesses are accustomed to everyone bowing to their demands, they keep making demands hoping some authority figure will say No. You’d be giving them what they need, instead of what they presently desire.

minor point: calling everything offensive, is offensive, because it trivializes the truly repugnant

*In the case of Third Parties, get their name to research them online and report them to the HR of their company later.
If anyone like that says Can I have your name please? Insist on photographing their ID first (don’t warn them, they’re already filming meaning it’s okay if another person records the interaction) and give them a fake one. They won’t let you even see their ID. “Who are you?” is a fitting reply. And when they turn out to be nobody say “Ah, nobody.” Blank them. They can’t stand being ignored, reminds them of their alcoholic parents.

** He should’ve said “What a lady.” Then asked for a copy of the video at this point and told her to email it to Lyft with her user ID if she ‘wants attention so badly.’

Perhaps funnier would be if he’d put on a heavy metal station with the permission of the other passenger, to watch her try and outscream Motorhead and lose all inhibitions on what she says thinking he can’t hear her (but the recording is still going). I would pay to listen to that audio. It’d be like an anorexic cokehead Trigglypuff.

“I actually don’t have to-” Proles sticking it to the bourgeoisie. He got there in the end.
“Call the Police” – please do. Please get her arrested for wasting their time. Let me guess, she has a thing about handcuffs? As he goes to do it, she gets out.

*chicken noises from the peanut gallery*

“How cute” these people think they’re funny, they don’t know what sarcasm is.

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