rabbits run or “You can’t deport me, I’m leaving!”

Nobody was going to deport them. Idiots.

wtf facepalm

We’ve stepped up efforts to deport the illegal ones. That broke the law?


We’re supposed to feel sympathy that they have the mobility and money to move and work anywhere they want in the world. Oh, our hearts bleed, I tell you! Rivers of blood!

As the anarchists would say: They’re upper-middle class, eat them.

Although this exact type was pearl-clutching and lachrymose before the Brexit referendum about Death Camps and getting rounded up to get chucked in La Manche attached to a medium-sized boulder, so you can’t trust many things out of their sub-nasal orifice.

The funniest thing is, they threatened to leave and are amazed we dare flout their wishes, like we care?

Who do they think they are? We do not need them. We are an overpopulated island as is. Are you seriously telling me that in a population with somewhere between 70 and 80 million by food supply volumes, that there wasn’t a single person more qualified for the job? Pull the other one.

All the working class people I know (real working class, not the middle class people trying to claim they’re working class because they ‘work’ in media) are overjoyed when competition announces it’s leaving – higher wages!

Supply and demand!

They know the difference between UP and DOWN! Imagine that!

Not to mention the local relief on infrastructure and public services. Large families, usually.

Like, why should I care about some German bird? I don’t want to go to Germany and compete with her, it’d be unfair since I’d have had the option to travel and it’s like tragedy tourism but for jobs. Seek out a plum market and suck like a leech. That’s what an ‘economic migrant’ is, it’s a leech. Bon voyage, bitches.

How dare they whine after admitting we gave them more than they deserved? When we give our own people so little that food banks are coming back?

Nobody is making them leave, as they’re acting, it’s their choice, as they exercised a choice to come here in the first place, unlike those saddled here by birth and circumstance, with no choice, no money and no mobility; they simply want a more grovelling host. Except nobody asked them to come here specifically so… why they’d think we care either way is beyond me.

We can train up our own people, the average IQ is higher regardless.

The poor are not lazy, they are underfunded and very, very bitter. They have every right to be. No documentary about them, but they’re paying that license fee for the BBC. Guess who the companies, including the BBC, would rather train up?

Recently, the BBC was openly anti-white in its job advertising. Some equality. Third class citizens in your own country. Will there be signs saying NO WHITES? I bet they want to put them up.

The Left wing has betrayed, robbed and raped (yes, Rotherham and others) the White Working Class and until they realize on which side their bread is buttered, they will lose every democratic battle. Helping immigrants is actually insulting when they chose to be in that situation, with many other host nations to pick from, when those watching and often paying in taxes can barely get by (rent, food, bills).

However, we all know the CM agenda won’t ease up, the entryism is too far gone. These institutions will simply crash and burn, as they deserve to in a free market where they insult the clientele and push something they don’t want, let alone want to pay for. Why do you think Gen Y down are making it a fashion to abandon TV? These people. The content is crap. It’s really that simple. It’s all political, you can’t watch the news without seeing a person completely incompetent with distracting facial incongruities, clearly hired for diversity. It’s insulting to our intelligence. They can’t even speak in Queen’s English, that requirement had to be stripped from the job because they couldn’t do it. Seriously, look at how many UK TV presenters are ugly and compare with America. It’s nothing to do with race, they’re preferentially hiring ugly people to be fair. In a LOOK-based industry. They have faces for RADIO. This includes the white people.

The cuckier Tories don’t have the balls to pull the plug on the BBC’s public charter, despite how digital has rendered State broadcasting a fossil. They could’ve easily made it a non-compulsory purchase of the parts you actually wanted, that would save people money too in this economy, but nooooo……


He also said the BBC will be “required to give greater focus to under-served audiences, in particular those from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, and those in the nations and regions”.

“We want the BBC to be the leading broadcaster in promoting diversity,” he said.

You wouldn’t know it was a conservative speaking, would you? Cuck-a-doodle-oo.
Why do you think ratings are down, dipshit? People are sick of the programming. It’s priming, a very real psychological effect and it must be enforced as often as possible i.e. in every program. It gets painful to watch.
For one, they keep casting Africans in our history. Even ancient history. As if we’re blind. There’s artistic license, and then there’s taking the piss. Funnily, (always fake) race-blindness has, for a few years now, been considered widely racist, so I’m being PC here.

The new leader is weak, sadly confirming every stereotype about women in power.

They’ll reject a system that’s proven to work, that’s fair and simple, because the Opposition don’t like it? They’re not supposed to like it!

There go the Tories’ 2020 chances. Place your bets. They don’t see the new direction of the pendulum.
MORE Conservative! People voted for MORE! Otherwise, Labour would be in right now! Common sense!?

Wonderfully, even those previously sympathetic to media manipulations (like that toddler with the slaver/trafficker father) are switching off now. The compassion fatigue affects everyone. We’re sick to the back teeth of it.

The Mainstream Media is dead. Long may it rot in national memory.

They can’t predict elections, let alone affect them. They’re pompous propagandists with taxpayer-puffed pensions they will never deserve. oh but they’ll distract you by talking about nurses, that doesn’t get old

With any luck, mass immigration will turn into mass emigration before the country is completely beyond repair. They’ll only desert the ship once they’ve eaten all the resources.


Of course, once we have repaired it, they’ll want back in again, what do you expect of rats? They had no loyalty to their home nation, why be any more civil and fair with us lot?

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1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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