Yellow Fever fetish and connection to pedophilia?

Tongue firmly in cheek, let’s do this.

See, while I’m sure there will be a sudden influx of outraged fat white boys trying to ‘disprove’ this connection because they consume entirely too much porn, they will also start going on about the pubic hairlessness of Asian women and how their vaginas are tighter.*

So, there’s that.

sensible chuckle

It’s the definition of rapist creepy to impose childish standards on sexually mature adults. I guess it matches the emotional maturity of the fetishist speaking. Of course, the PC brigade won’t dare touch this subject despite the overt master/servant dynamic.

While I’m in a mean mood and discussing the objective specifics of attractiveness, I did see a startling comparison of the pre-surgery Asian women (who are always trying to look White for some strange reason…) and White Down’s Syndrome women, especially with the eye area.

I was startled to see there was a case.

I was startled to see there was a case.

The physical similarity of many Asians cannot be denied, they get surgery partially to differentiate themselves for marriage or work. I think this is genetic owing to their population explosion from the few lucky or wealthy enough to survive famine and war, they used to come from a very restricted stock.

The flatness of the Asian face in particular is often altered to give it a European structure e.g. a nasal bridge and less manjaw, but oddly, the manboys who can’t do better will insist these women are more feminine…..


Disclaimer: Yes there are always exceptions and I’m sure your Thai Bride / internet girlfriend / imaginary submissive Asian wife is it. Ignore how Asian princesses are becoming worse than LA girls in brattish behaviour and entitlement.

I’ve yet to see a mixed Asian – European child that wasn’t ugly, as was pointed out in that thread. It’s odd, don’t you think? And we all know by now about the rate of psychiatric illnesses, I’ve linked to first-person discussions of that fact, genetic load is a bitch, like Mother Nature. When certain alleles evolved for a geographic region, playing God and randomly cramming them together does cause medical problems. Without going into specific mixed issues like transplant impossibilities (within their ‘own’ family) and genetic disease rates.

I just wonder if the white party is really thinking this through, they are frequently disturbed when you point out the fact their grandchildren wouldn’t look like them, at all. They’d look like strangers. White genes being the most recessive by far, this also applies to others e.g. Asians mixing with more dominant groups e.g. Latin.

Assuming the often fetishized Asian woman doesn’t turn into the short, prematurely aged shrew we know from stereotype, it’s common for the more attractive parent to disown or give less attention to ugly children, less investment. This happens to all animals, who view the ugliness as deformity and don’t wish to waste resources on something that probably won’t reproduce anyway itself (a physical death, albeit delayed) so they literally give less time, less food (see birds for a clear example) and less resources overall to the ugly child but… if you choose someone from a much uglier average group (this includes class, so an upper caste Asian shouldn’t mix with a lower White either) – what do you expect?

How can you expect the child will take after the more blessed parent? Hybrid vigour is a myth. Blending two very different things removes the uniqueness of each.

Without going into the culturally encouraged makeup and surgery (far more than the West, as standard, no natural beauty) and in some cases, the distinct possibility you’ll have to adopt because that Thai babe suddenly into you used to possess a larger penis.

But sure, argue they’re more feminine….

cute wink

Hey, it’s your genetic lineage. You go right ahead.
We’ll judge the tree by its fruit, amirite?

In other points, Asians are more monogamous than Whites on average and these fetishists often believe cheating is expected, if not moral, and yet expect sexual faithfulness from their woman while being polygamous themselves. This doesn’t happen, fidelity is the bond, not the behaviours. If one partner cheats, the bond is gone. This is another symptom of r-type delusions of grandeur re Oriental concubines. They believe Asian women are innately easier to control and thus consider them ‘better’ women. All claptrap of course, and they aren’t prepared for the cultural expectations e.g. taking in and caring for her elderly relatives, all of them.

*  (Obvious myth, there’s as much variance within a race as between for organ morphology, how would they give birth you morons). Read the Kama Sutra, based on Indians (one subrace) they acknowledge there are still three genital sizes for men and women, but they’re all pretty much the same. As in, you don’t really notice. This, in the Kama Sutra, marriage manual. I think they’d know, as it was written by Asians?

Neotony doesn’t blend well with masculine (read: mature) features anyway, you get neither. That’s why plain people parent supermodels.

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