Official: T-word now un-PC

Y?: Because facts support Trump.

laughing lol haha liar liar

[Don’t laugh, I like to read the same news the Jews are reading.]

There’s a secondary device found so far, but using the T-word must be Islamophobic?

Is that the rationale?

“Intentional explosion” – from the same fuckwits who made out the random murder of a Labour MP (for her voting choices) was ‘terrorism’, both destroying the definition and purpose of terrorism.

We’re still on high alert in the UK and now we’re practically sitting ducks, as our authorities keep helpfully informing the terrorists.

Fine, I’ll come back now. Everytime I’m away this happens. Every. Damn. Time.

At least they’re like the ‘French’ ones and only going after the poorly-guarded liberal areas.

Thanks guys.

thumbs up yes batman approval

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