The crisis solution


I haven’t posted anything edgy in a while.

This entire thing is the dictionary definition of an invasion. Well, colonization too. They’re even bringing over weapons and doing military training while calling for a takeover of the Government, and the liberals would rather die than start a fight.

I know it’s common for the same Lefties to say “well if we do nothing, there’ll be another Hitler” – it’s because you’re doing nothing for your own people. Your own people. Their own stupidity is literally bringing about what they fear.

Look at the latest.

“Even a joint military HQ or surveillance systems are not necessary because their only purpose is to act militarily outside of the EU area,” he said.”

No shit, son.

“Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s lead negotiator on Brexit, said the EU still offered the “cure” for “the cancer of nationalism”

That isn’t even cucking, that’s full-on self-loathing.

“He added: “Juncker is building an army, navy, and air force. It’s an independent foreign policy.
“What they’re doing here is kissing goodbye to NATO and setting up their own independent military missions and headquarters.””

Pre-Brexit, they called EU army plans impossible fear-mongering.
Now, apparently, it’s a good idea. Why? Let’s kill people for peace, apparently.

I’ve never seen such treason, assuming of course, they aren’t just what the SJWs call White-passing. How obvious does genocide have to get? Apparently purchasing guns with taxpayer money to use against those same taxpayers, who aren’t allowed guns.

“During his speech, Mr Juncker told the audience of MEPs that the EU must not “bow to the interests of the nation-state”.

They don’t have authority. Nations have authority. They’re a council. There is no such thing as a European to stock this army, but only French, English, Germans, Italians etc. It’s like expecting Cubans to serve the USA military because hey, same continent.

“In a dismissal of the Brexit result, the European leader demanded the bloc ramp up with integration process and appeared to imply that the EU could crush national sovereignty.”

The thing they said was ridiculous to ask about, sovereignty.

Race replacement – outnumbering the white people.

There are small little backlashes, like the Burkini thing, and being forced to eat religious sacrifices.
Label the stuff. People have a right to know what’s in their food, as vegans and vegetarians agree.

Speaking of, I suppose since they all want EU passports they’re fine with conscription?

Why an EU Army? They want to oppose Russia.

UK rules out joining European Military

Ask Napoleon how that went last time.

“As reported last year, European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker stated that he believed a European Union army is needed to face up to Russian antagonism. Juncker told the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag that an EU army was necessary.”

What values?
The Guardian backtracks and insists that despite involving guns and killing people, it isn’t an Army.
Comment is Free? No comments allowed.
After the lying Independent said this
Shame on You finger-wagging cheat Angelina Jolie is getting divorced from Bad Perfume Ad Brad (also cheat). Her divorce is overshadowing her pointless UN work (same UN with child rape scandals) and her clutch of rainbow children are, again, fatherless.

“The withdrawal of the British from the EU has led to a significant reduction in the continent’s military strength, and from a military policy perspective we must not remain in this defenseless position… A European army must protect the continent from two sides, from the East and from the South, in terms of protecting against terrorism and migration. Europe cannot even continue to exist without an alliance — a joint EU army.”

I said they’d blame us no matter what.
At the last-stage Empires, a do-nothing ‘army’ was always introduced to keep out the Mob. But the army must be comprised of the Mob.

euarmy-who-fight euarmy-whofight2 euarmy-whofight3

Hordes of Asian and Middle Eastern men who can’t get a wife under polygamy but expect maths works differently in the West, as they want polygamy but have no money or caste credentials.

Yeah, those IQ stats pop up all over the place.

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