“Whites only” food bank in Glasgow rustles jimmies

And the so-called anti-racists are appalled.

Despite doing ‘Syrian-only’ food drives.

hahaha fuck you

There are entire groups doing this exact same thing but outgroup preference. The pathological altruism is strong. If they couldn’t signal though, I don’t think they’d really give a damn – ever notice this SJ signalling only really took off with social media?


They’d rather feed Afghani people in France than White people at the end of their own street.

There is a good reason behind this actually.
Food banks have seen an invasion by Asian families (you know, the inbred ones who bring over dozens of relatives for no reason) who take all the expensive brands, and well above their allowance, breaking at least two rules. Nobody can stop them because they wail Waycist like a little bitch. Result: food banks have been closing, as places like the Guardian admit, but not why.

Church-based food banks have been forced to give food to Muslims, which as you can probably tell, is the exact same problem.

Food banks have been running out of food because the people taking advantage of them (non-white r-types) don’t re-stock them either. Why would they? They hate the natives. Of course, who gets called a Nazi? Oh how terrible, wanting to feed people. That’s just like killing them… if you’re insane.

So this is actually an efficient plan to keep a food bank going and technically they shouldn’t be able to shut it down because people making donations can specify who they go to. If only they toned down the Hitler shit, which is purely for shock value, they might actually help people instead of spooking off those in need who don’t want to be hunted down like albinos in Africa by the anti-fa thugs.

They can’t ban ingroup preference as long as you don’t feed into their paranoid delusions by mentioning the war. DON’T MENTION THE WAR.

These lefty morons will wonder why the Right rise in power (Hitler was a socialist), when at every turn they stab their countrymen in the back. Scottish people evolved to be pale, the Equality Act protects white people, in print.

People who make this while saying out their other face that race isn’t real so you can’t get offended.


Try that same joke with all the other races then, I’ll wait.

The ‘anti-racists’ spouting the Melting Pot lie (we have DNA tests fam) have no reply to the begged question: why are there so many homeless whites in their own country? Why did you give precisely zero fucks until your blood boiled at the sight of people doing charity work to help their own?

Naturally, they cannot stop this. If they banned charity work, their whole shebang would come crashing down.

OT: Neo-Nazis don’t really exist, there are people signalling the Nazi stuff the same way SJWs signal Marx. SJWs are not Marx, Neo-Nazis are not Hitler. Both love their capitalist technologies and globalist shipping policies, both things the Left politics forbid.

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