Comic: Living wage is a contradiction


Equal pay for equal work actually comes from Marxist theory, and was applied by socialist factory workers so whoever covered a ‘shift’ wouldn’t get preferential treatment or paid less based on who was expected (a man, when they got a woman or child because the expected party was sick and someone else was ‘covering’ for them). Read North and South you ignorant, backward illiterates. Where did you think these terms came from?

Employers are not responsible for the personal lives of their employees, otherwise they’d get them all sterilized so they can spend more time on the job. Whatever happened to stay out of my bedroom?

They assume that someone flipping burgers for $5 an hour is a hard worker.
Really? Do they have the SAT transcript to support that statement?

Those jobs are supposed to suck on PURPOSE. It’s motivational so you move up from the bottom rung of the ladder. You aren’t supposed to stay there five years let alone your whole life. This opens up the ‘spot’ to newer people to the economy, usually younger or less skilled (you’re supposed to get more skilled on the job, with experience).

Wage is calculated precisely, it’s based on contribution: primarily to the company and widely, to the economy.

If you’re replaceable, that’s your fault.

If you have the same skills after 10 years as you had on the first day, frankly, you’d hardly qualify as a monkey by IQ. Monkeys are smarter than that. The tiny ones. You must take responsibility for your career, ask what can I do to move into a better role? What does the industry need? How can I stay competitive? If they won’t help, find another company. Do online courses. Do something. Treading quicksand means you drown. You’re probably competing with everyone in India and China. Wake up. You must use them as much as they’re already using you.

Company loyalty died with globalism. You made your choice. Now? If letting an employee go makes the company one more CENT in profit, they will do it. Hey, you wanted cheap phones.

The Boomers running HR currently have lied. Your whole life they’ve acted like you must XYZ to be an asset to the company. Without employees, all companies fold. With subpar employees, they are outcompeted. They are screwing over the young to justify their current high positions, when most of them can barely keep up with the technology required for entry-level. They also refuse to retire, which a non-Boomer board would insist on.

However, nobody ever discusses the real problem: foreign competition.

You can’t get cheaper than free (because it’s illegal).

Minimum wage laws do not work if immigration laws are not enforced. Pick one.

That’s the real reason Trump is killing it with black voters. They have common sense.
The jobs they used to do under the table to claim welfare simultaneously, are now going to Mexicans who can be blackmailed with deportation. Bigger threat, better worker.

There is no such thing as a living wage because everyone lives differently. We all have differing lifestyles. These are bailouts of people who didn’t work as hard at the free schooling they attended. You choose to accept an employment contract, if the terms are not agreeable, you do not take the job. All parties have a choice.

An adult pretending to have no choice is a rotten liar.

Living wage will quickly devolve into welfare. It’s the rule of Communism when you’re getting paid anyway, it’s like a pet cat, why hunt? Why try? They’ll slowly reduce their hours to minimum, which is practically zero.

Considering the contributions to the economy then, what do you think will happen to the scheme?

The only thing that can happen mathematically –  it will fail.

I rarely give out advice because this isn’t that type of blog. BUT.

They’ll blame the people who gave them a job, and then wonder why nobody wants to hire them.
You’re hired, not based on your job title, or your CV, or even what you do, but based on HOW you do it. That’s how you win. Read The Rules of Work. It isn’t cheating to be charming at work, it’s how they work. It isn’t cheating to be timely and efficient, that’s how you work. It isn’t unfair if the kiss-ass gets a promotion – that’s how he works.

You cannot expect superior results from mediocre efforts.

One response to “Comic: Living wage is a contradiction

  1. Prudhon advocated equal pay for equal work. Marx (in the Grundrisse and again in capital) argued that equality was not enough, and people should be paid according to need, so (eg) someone with a big family would get paid more than someone without. He adopted and popularized a slogan not invented by himself: “From according to ability, to according to need.” He’d probably be horrified if someone apprised him of the Biblical echo it contained (“and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” – Acts, ch 4)

    I wonder, too, if he noticed that slaves work “according to ability” and are paid “according to need” (ie, enough to keep them alive and fit to work another day).

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