‘PC’ doesn’t exist, everyone go home

They are insane.
I mean, to deny the words and ideas you are literally in the process of using exist?
But certain words are so real they count as physical battery.

This entire delusion is insane. The blatant denial is reaching a psychotic pitch.
It isn’t stupidity, they’re arguing from bad faith. They think it’s like a quiz show and you can ‘pass’ on points that prove you wrong. If they say “This is so evil I can use it as an excuse to ignore you*” it’s the adult equivalent of hiding under the duvet. Except they expect it will be taken seriously.
* That’s literally never an excuse in a debate. You entered a debate, not an argument, it has formal rules. You can’t suddenly change the rules and stop playing – it’s childish, as if you flipped a Monopoly board. You automatically lose.

Political correctness: covering the terrible truth with a polite lie for political gain.

e.g. those little white girls in Rotherham weren’t raped, they had non-consensual boyfriends who promised to set them on fire. According to these people, this exact type of person, the gang-rapists were the Real Victims Here. Because Muslim > white minor on the Progressive Stack. They hate it when we point out their tactics** and if they get to have their terms, we get to have ours. Otherwise politics and wider morality will be a monopoly, and liberal theory (true classic liberal) says this is wrong. They are literally trying to censor the enemy, in a vaguely fascist sense. It’s a sign we’re winning because they cannot retort, they have no proof or logic to their claims.*** We don’t say “You can’t say that”, we’re like “You can say that, and I can laugh at you for saying that because it’s the dumbest shit I ever heard.” Freedom of speech, not control of thought/speech and control of response. They’re literally trying to turn the term PC from a thoughtcrime (You’re a bad person for saying this) and a crimestop (If you say this, you lose your rights) into a thought-terminating cliche (judged by effect, whereby all discussion by ALL parties is henceforth terminated). They want to silence everyday conversation because platform-denial in public places hasn’t secured their totalitarian grasp of control, and eventually the new Left always becomes tyrannical and refuses to allow dissent, at which point post-entryism they slide into irrelevance and incompetence, as signalling takes the position of skill. Privilege games are negative-scored points where the biggest loser wins. They cannot win positively scored status signalling games in real society. It’s like that one person who makes it a competition when someone else is ill. There’s something deeply psychologically wrong with them to brag about it.

As Carlin said “I’m expecting to hear a rape victim referred to as an “unwilling sperm recipient”.

That’s PC. He was a classic liberal. And it hasn’t gone mad, it has always been mad, as the innately contradictory, linguistic control of the opponent’s rhetoric****. Their own rhetoric is baseless, as critical theory cannot create anything from itself but only parasite off of other ideologies, it’s the academese equivalent of shouting Oh No It Isn’t! at everything. Forever. For Victim Ranking guidance, they use the ever-shifting goalposts of Cultural Marxism. A term they dare not use, because if you don’t acknowledge it, it isn’t real. Except for privilege of course. /s 

Political witch hunts, history will mark this time as the digital Dark Age.

SJWs = NEETs + covert narcissism

Where NEET means a person useless to their economy and community, by laziness and stupidity. Not the temporarily unfortunate. SJWs are empowered by the rise of the attention whore internet (in PC, ‘social media’, however much studies prove it antisocial). Do you really think these people would hang out on usersubs with real nerds?

Naturally, there are also other issues mentally with these people but they rarely ascend beyond mid-tier. Other SJWs find them insufferable too. Every generation has a characteristic mental complaint, Millennials happen to be narcs. Gen X tend to be borderline (no identity, hyperemotional) and Boomers… well, ruthless sociopathy of the 80s. IMHO, I’d call it that Gen Z appear histrionic, complete with stimming over Twitter (calling it PTSD or anxiety or panic) with a few tuning out into depersonalization.

Speaking of superiority games, isolation and ostracisation. Bullying when anyone else does it, non-Platforming and virtuous banishment for ideological purity when SJWs do it. Like how Whites must help the whole world at personal expense because innately, we CAN, but remember, we’re not superior……

Simply defined, a bigot is someone who refuses to hear other opinions. If you shut down because you hear a term or idea you dislike, there is no debate anymore and you are a bigot. By definition. Why enter into a debate with a person you don’t somewhat respect? Well, they don’t want a debate, they want to preach. Signalling moral superiority without having to do anything to threaten their own, often middle-class white bitch position, that will parasite off their parents until long after those parents are dead (trust fundees, inheritance).
It’s like how they use the gender studies definitions of biological terms as if that is acceptable. Nope, the harder science always wins. One of the first things you do in a debate is define your terms and that is the rule.

** remember SJWs Always Lie
because they’re always lying.

There is an upside: they cannot stand non-Far Left signalling and identification, which means we should do what, exactly?

****It’s a red herring to react to their terms instead of what those terms seek to gain, there are sociopaths at the top of this moving the narcissists with the promise of prestige, it all keeps us busy on their words, which they know are BS, while they act to push through policies we’d otherwise have time and numbers to question them on (e.g. TTIP), because they are outnumbered by rational people (see GE and Brexit).

It also means we are winning for the first time in decades because their amygdala is shot to shit by the mere memory of us.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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