Sell-outs begin their descent to Hell

Honestly, they’ve sunk lower than the earth.

Well well well…. it’s like a roundup of desperate attention whores. I want to see a full list but I don’t know who most of these Americans are. I am glad of this. However, I do know I’m never patronizing any of their work ever again. Based off this spam.

They even have a Kardashian virus FFS. To make the infection metaphor complete.

My first thought?

Wow, that’s low. OK, I’m fully on the Trump train now purely to piss –these– people off.
Specifically them. All Hail the God Emperor. How dare they interfere in foreign politics too? Who the hell are you people???
I’m sure all those millionaires have chipped in some money, right?
……Zero’s a number, isn’t it? I’ll bet that’s what they’ve given. Zero.
But sure, profiteer by pushing a mediocre song and yourselves for publicity, using dead kids as the stick to beat the poor with. Hope you feel proud. What about the numerous cases of child rape, even in the so-called camps? What about little European girls being told to wear longer skirts to school because otherwise they might ‘deserve’ rape? What about the responsibility of neighboring countries, who refuse to take anyone? How many are you personally taking in, if they’re so peaceful?
I love how Americans think they can tell Europeans what to do. Hey, you left. You fought a war to go. Stay gone?

They include that toddler everyone pretended to care about for five minutes.

No shot of the little dead French girl. Let me refresh your short memories.

They covered her body in shame. So nobody could use it the same as that boy on the beach. There was even a staged shot of a second kid on a beach, but that didn’t work. So they eventually ended up with that ash-covered one who oddly, wasn’t even given a shock blanket. Isn’t that odd to anyone? Where’s the medical treatment, given the medical setting? No? Too much logic?

No European terror attacks, no photos of that for precious Narrative. This is like a Hollywood music video, so slick, yet entirely about death. It’s disturbing and jarring. In a song about not discriminating, Black Panther rhetoric! An easy stab at all white people as KKK! That’ll help! No word about who’s dropping bombs from America because psst, that’s a black guy. I might believe that ‘we’re all the same’ rhetoric if they didn’t insert divisive propaganda into that very video.

This is a case of psy ops children, they sense they’re losing the culture wars and this is a last desperate grab before Trump, who won’t actually change anything but it’s the principle of what he represents, millions of pissed-off voters who aren’t falling for this very shit anymore. At this point, I don’t see what else they could pull out. Trump makes puppies cry?
This is the fallout of the failure of multiculturalism. In every multicultural city, however big the sprawl, there will be self-segregation into communities/ghettos – or conflict. When you force different people to mix socially, they fight for dominance. This is dominance dressed up as peace, assuming you roll over and take it. People are sick to the back teeth of being lectured by so-called celebrities. These people are nobody, they do not deserve to be celebrated. They are professional clowns dancing like monkeys on reality TV for our amusement.


Also going on Wall of Pride.

Here we see atheists and other, dare invoking the Christian God to get the real faithful to fall in line, but ‘love does not boast’.

All this was missing was a brief monologue by Saint Cumberbund pursing his lips at us disapprovingly like a Mother Superior, so I guess they didn’t ask him.

“Most of us only care about money-making” literally the only truthful line in the entire piece. Well, and this “wrong information always shown by the media” – they say, denying they are the media despite worldwide exposure owned by a handful of companies in the hands of billionaires.


The most famous person in that video was rich because she was born into the right family and is named after a town in England. Equality! ~shaking pompoms~ Kendall is a cow in person so no, I don’t feel bad about writing that. She hates going unrecognized, it’s literally the surest way to piss her off. Allegedly. She’s a brat, if you ever met her. Have no idea who she is or what she does, it’s so funny.

3 responses to “Sell-outs begin their descent to Hell

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