Video: Sheltered Emma Watson

I don’t think the period joke was called for. Twice.

However, since when were 99% of feminists qualified for anything useful?

Shouldn’t we hold all activists to that standard – including men?

A minor quibble but a vital one because he overshoots his own point based on how bland she is.

There are stats about women in leadership positions. There are stats about capital investment. There are higher odds of being hired in certain professions if you’re a man. Those things are real, so people like this do not mention them. Even Emma didn’t because she is dumb. However, to say it’s a patriarchal conspiracy is a bit much. I’m missing that deductive leap.

We should expect equality. She is correct. Equality of opportunity. Women perform as well on most tasks, relatively speaking the sexes are approximately equal in the modern workforce. Exceptions are exceptional and let’s be honest, few modern metrosexual men can do the manual jobs of their forefathers so that one’s out too.

People are sick of being lectured by vapid celebrities. PERIOD.

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