Maternal IQ fact supported by genetics

A lot of bitter old men have been butthurt over this. Lemme explain.
Hey, you wanted genetic studies of IQ, this is part of HBD. If you only want ones that make men look good, you aren’t being scientific. Become a feminist and quit crying because facts don’t support your feels.

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When has the manosphere ever distorted scientific findings?

It’s been known for decades that child IQ is usually higher correlated with maternal IQ. This isn’t one study’s opinion. It’s hundred of thousands of datapoints. It’s a fact, or as close to one as child psychology gets.

The cerebral cortex is also highly implicated in what we think of as higher functions and especially IQ measures (broadly, all types of IQ). There are also racial differences, however, the findings are more within-family e.g. they don’t differ as much between men/women as you’d expect.

There are different reasons given for this maternal IQ jump but since it’s psychology, they don’t use genetic, they seek social explanations primarily. This study is important because it plugs that gap. Previously, it was considered as part of the tender years hypothesis, which that article mentions, i.e. that women are usually primary caregiver, hence raise the IQ of the child simply with their presence. Were that the case, men could boost their contributions simply by becoming stay at home fathers or (gasp) being a co-parent (the technical term for just sticking around, being with their family) of their own spawn.

This study really makes the abandoning fathers look atrocious. As they deserve. Some of the non-fathers are getting butthurt that they can’t blame Mommy for everything, which I won’t even touch as a topic because that requires a professional by the hour.

As it is, the harder science always wins. There isn’t the social science window for BS here, so that’s pretty much out of the window. That’s why they’re so embittered, their stupidity is misreading it and they can’t dance around it with lies.

What the study says: IQ is genetically matrilineal, supporting social findings. All of them.

What the study does NOT say: men are stupid.

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But it’s amazing how it brings the stupid ones out.

These guys are often trying to lecture their fellow dunces on IQ as if they understand it, like misinterpreting what an average is (stats 101) or falsely claiming “men” are higher in IQ (if you took the average man off the street, he’s likelier to be a retard, stop embarrassing yourselves).

They’re faux intellectuals, so I’m enjoying writing this up. I really trigger them.

Due to the matrilineal nature of genetics (women conceive and grow the foetus, duh) and the nature of genetics itself (the X chromosome contains more material, a fact I have previously mentioned) everyone inherits more cortical genetic instruction from their mother’s side, possibly all (due to the so factual it’s directly manipulable deactivation this study discusses). Women also give birth and we all know infant brain size can only grow as large as the female can pass. It’s all female, all the way up!

Men don’t need to be at the epicentre of everything – ESPECIALLY CHILDBIRTH.

omg really wtf go away no audrey

Although watching them struggle to take credit for this one thing that’s ours, that’s truly feminine, has been an exercise in patience.

I can’t believe they’re questioning so much reality. Those guys are not redpills.
What, do men conceive? Give birth? Raise their kids? I wish on that last one. Truly, I do.

It’s a very precise study about the nature of intelligence’s inheritance. Not what the organism does with it. Nor does it suggest how intellect potentiates, develops or who ‘has’ more. Intellect isn’t something you have, as these idiots claim with their fake G ratings (childhood scores do not count as an adult, I repeat, childhood scores do not count as an adult) but intelligence is something you do, something you use. Not a trophy you can waggle in someone’s face like a MENSA card, it is more fluid and never something to rest on. Those are a faux appeal to authority anyway, only useful to teachers and employers. They want to get all the status of doing something, but they’re lazy. So they brag about a single pop quiz, which is all most IQ tests are. Which sex, when married with kids, works more total hours per week? Clue: not the one who eschews the bulk of childcare and household duties and spends the bulk of their office time goofing off online. It’s the one that tries to have it all.

This is a very direct finding about a genetic sequence, how it activates and how much cellular volume directly results.

No, it isn’t up for debate. It is the opposite of personal, it’s completely objective. This isn’t political at all because we all grew inside a woman, whether you unconsciously hate her or not. The study said nothing about female children distinct from males, it didn’t study that. Talk about a red herring, those who dare claim such simply dumb. Liars to boot, derailing onto something no one mentions, but let’s stick with what is factually obvious.

Welcome to science, not scientism. We don’t give a flying fuck about your feelings of emasculation.

What you inherit from your mother doesn’t make you less of a man, mothers are no less human as implied, and intelligence is not a ‘male’ thing how ever many fake quotes you post beside Einstein’s face.

If you think that makes me sexist, when all I did was explain, please get your head examined. Seriously.

4 responses to “Maternal IQ fact supported by genetics

  1. Wow so all mental defects, serial killers, terrorists, school drop outs and prostitutes can thank their mothers for making them like that since fathers don’t pass on any traits according to this study.

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