Alt Right posers


Credit: Disdainus Maximus

The technical term for this is concern trolling and redpills do it too e.g. aren’t white women horrible, I wish the perfect one would come along and give me everything I want to prove me wrong….

The pendulum is in the process of swinging back and some switched on rabbits are seeing that conservatism is the new cool, or at least a competing culture to their academia and media hegemony, in part thanks to the loser singularity of Victimhood Olympics. Look at the people bragging on various common mental illness tags on tumblr e.g. depressed.

True, there will always be bandwagon-jumpers desperate to be cool, trying to appear faux intellectual and moderate before they move onto the green pastures (roving behaviour typical of them), but the first one was Roosh aka Please Don’t Mention the Mud Invasion or Rape Gangs or Jewish Corporate Interests, but sure, keep the rest and I’ll write a book. They put a macho-bravado spin on feminist anti-natal culture e.g. Sexual Empowerment Yay!

pushing promiscuity culture and time preference

I’ve also noticed a lot of racial but not sexual denial from these people, an inversion of the healthy order. The sheer repression of ‘brown denial’, grief! Just ask them about their sex life, if they start pushing empowerment narratives or define themselves ‘pan’ you can give up.

Meanwhile, they block or otherwise censor anyone who’s Too Edgy 4U. From expressing altogether. They want to contain other opinions, even on other sites about the same topic, to ensure their own audience share and online profit margins.

With the AR, this is rather obvious because most of us don’t make money. It’s signalling that we’re not here to screw your wallet but to blow your mind.

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