Indonesia treating white sex tourists like animals

New law to castrate and execute paedophiles after gang rape of 14-year-old girl

The south east Asian country is a hotspot for peadophiles from the west, with more than 100 caught in the last two years from Australia alone.

God’s work, girls.

feminists don’t actually keep women safe, see Europe, these measures are required

(male rapists/rapists of men too, yes, but even those are usually male)

inb4 accidental, repeat offenders


Human Rights!? People who act like wild animals aren’t human! They CHOOSE to act this way as well. They deserve to deal with the harsh consequences. I hope this law reaches all parts of the world. I am sick to death of people trying to defend these beasts and trying to claim that they are mentally ill. No – they are just criminals!

lust isn’t a curse, civilized men have no problems

castration is preferable to death penalty, surely?


western liberal democracies should be sitting up and taking notice-funny how third world countries can be far more progressive than the so called superior first world..

meanwhile, in certain forums

they’ll still blame white women

I said the West would crack down as a result of immigration, yes, that would apply to tourism into the East as well, you can be arrested in Singapore for hitting on the local women when they don’t want you to.
Naturally, the Yellow Fever idiots never bring this stuff up, but the military are warned.

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