Pro-abortion children’s propaganda

Children’s Book About Abortion: My ‘Sister Is a Happy Ghost!’

But remember, only the Nazis did propaganda and if you call it Sex Ed it doesn’t count as grooming nor political.

How is this not grooming? I dare them to distinguish it in practice.
Asking them to celebrate their own death and robbing them of a childhood free from adult concerns.


We need the Old Testament God, full of wrath and revenge, Jesus won’t be enough.
They don’t need a peck on the cheek so much as a punch in the face.

>Killing murderers? Rapists? Stoning adulterers? No, evil. Death penalty for crime? Inhumane.
>Killing Sindy’s baby brother? Killing grandpa because his medical bills are expensive for the state? A-OK!

Seriously where is God in this. I’m turning redditfag.
This would’ve been some Monty Python shit in the 70s.

The toddler author was as innocent, and therefore deserving of a voice, as their dead sibling.

Women used to lose most babies to disease and, being humane, grieved the loss. Now we can prevent most disease, they seem to kill them out of spite, because they want a ‘freedom’ to fuck without reproduction, a responsibility attached to the right, when that is the literal purpose of sex. Enjoyment is secondary, even men can ejaculate without orgasm. QED. The body would not allow us to have sex without the possibility of reproduction and you see this with many diseases that prevent enjoyment as conception odds go down, as well as common aging, where men can’t get it up and women can’t do the various things required either. Doctors fix enjoyment complaints by replicating fertility. When we call someone sexy, we refer to perceived nubility.

The soul only exists when it’s convenient to the atheists.


There is a side nobody has pointed out, so it falls to me.
These people don’t know kids. In an age that celebrates self-harm and practically speaking, gives kids extra affection for it, telling a child being dead is fun and desirable and preferable to living with their whore of mother will cause…. suicides. Yup. Once again, liberals causing a social problem and making it worse.

However, I would fully support this book on condition, if the cover was an HD, full-colour picture of a late-term aborted fetus, and they changed the title to Look at what Mommy did to me.

Subtitle: But I’m sure she loves you.

If they can admit that to themselves, go ahead. Look at what you did and look the child in the eye and tell them it was right.

Price listings for the body parts of the supposed non-human homo sapien on the back cover.

Yet we bury miscarriages and still births.

This is why aliens hate us.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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