White men throw infertility parties


white people wtf

wtf white people

my fellow white people


1 those don’t always work, pregnancies can and do still happen
2 it isn’t an achievement, it’s the opposite of an achievement
3 you’re really jealous of the people who can afford kids huh
4 mememe attention-whoring, please don’t breed
5 this is eugenic, test their IQ
6 desperation cakes
7 the anti-natal delusion is strong

Best comment I’ve seen from a man

This is probably the most pathetic damn thing I’ve ever seen. If you’re not having a kid, stop celebrating literally nothing. What is even the point of this, if not just for attention? “Hey look at me, I’m NOT having a kid, and my life is completely the same except now I’m even less of a man!”

More like Look at me, I sterilized MYSELF!

Take THAT, Dad!




True, they’re ALL buying dogs. But they’re not lonely. See Point 6.
If a woman doesn’t mind never marrying you, doesn’t want kids and is OK that you’re infertile? She is NOT traditional.


Yeah, that’s a black guy acting like being a deadbeat is a good thing.


They assume they are the ultimate specimen of their genetic line. It’s narcissistic.
I post these to show what people (all these comments but one are from men) truly THINK on the subject, right-leaning people, compared to how they may respond to you VERBALLY.

Freud would have never foresaw this outcome as remotely possible, regarding the Oedipus Complex. Self-castration? Tranny stuff. Self-sterilization? Right here. But sure, they’re so smart, as they posture for their Guardianista friends.

Does MGTOW really wanna be lumped in with these people? If you’re avoiding women, you don’t need to be sterile.

In evolution, if an organism is faulty, it won’t reproduce…………….


They aren’t signalling the superiority they think they are.
More like laziness and hatred of the nuclear family.


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