Someone made a list of male privileges

Okay, that is pretty accurate. There are more I can think of but I won’t derail.
I am surprised. I did not expect things that have been quantified e.g. interruptions in speaking studies, although men do speak as much by volume as women.
I think I can condense it down to two things.

First, they are usually treated as individuals rather than representatives of their sex.
Secondly, their comfort level is usually a default, so they don’t even notice it e.g. usually it’s a man in charge, so odds are he’ll also be heterosexual and therefore not creepily hit on you because you need his help. They don’t notice these things because, being men, they aren’t placed in those situations. It isn’t their fault when they’re naive to these things, as we’re naive to some of their insights. Fish in water problem. I wouldn’t call those privileges except for where they directly benefit at the expense of women for no other reason than birth (anti-meritocratic, sexual nepotism). However, to ignore that fact that Bad Things Happen in the world isn’t an excuse, and to deny them on any grounds inhumane. We founded society for the continual betterment of its inhabitants, that requires listening as much as we talk.

The ones about children irritate me because they’re based on received wisdom aka wrong but antique BS. Children require a nuclear family, minimum, to thrive best. An extended family is ideal but impractical. Both parents need to be involved and co-parenting isn’t feminist (that would be arguing children only need their mothers, against the evidence). It’s common sense that both sexes bring different traits to the table their child needs to benefit from, to say nothing of the two sexes OF child and the range of bonding required between the same-sex parent and the opposite sex through the stages of development. How can we build stable families in the West if we don’t work together? First, this requires communication, and that is two-thirds listening and one-third e-prime (not blaming, based on perceptions) e.g. I feel you are, You seem to be etc. Conflict resolution rather than escalation. Plenty of people nowadays cannot debate, certainly, but they cannot argue in their personal lives either. If you’re still angry, pick a violent hobby. Boxing is always popular.

Can I make the easy joke that the man was the better feminist?

I don’t see why a study of human differences has to be considered ‘feminist’ when really it’s actually a subject called BIOLOGY. If you want to be precise, much of this would come under social psychology and forensics.

It’s weird to see men, who usually go around spouting off on how different the sexes are, suddenly deny it whenever the feminists rarely admit it. Guys. They are by definition different.

These may not be sex differences a la HBD but that makes them no less valid. Social phenomena are important, from crime all the way to how people treat one another in a professional (supposedly non-personal) setting.

Fathers used to have a tendency to goof off in the upper class because they hired a retinue of staff to take their place. Not just women but also various men to teach and train their children, the tutor being the classic example. And no, the TV doesn’t count. If you can’t be there you shouldn’t have them, this goes for both parents although there is such a thing as too much Mummy, flexitime is the future, economically and socially. It’s no surprise that raising kids in a vacuum will screw them up, that isn’t one sexes fault, all of society is at fault (that means both).

In Victorian times, men began abandoning their families for drink in more urban pubs and bars, ‘throwing themselves away’ on it, and the modern vision of single parenthood emerged because the father was unconscious or …elsewhere. Addictions were common in men and excused for abandoning them on the regular because children were not considered full people, in part to deal with their mortality rate. Sometimes the women would die in childbirth, which is hardly their fault. Rarely one spouse would run away, often to America.

It is true that if men want the social power of the Master of the House, they need to be held to the highest moral standard. No affairs, no abuse, no addictions, the obvious. If they cared about their children above an egoistic promotion, they would spend their free time with them rather than playing the bachelor life (do you think the kids don’t notice?) I love the money excuse, when you can lose more with a promotion by moving into a higher tax bracket and in getting paid less per hour for the longer hours you’re expected to work. That isn’t an excuse and it misses the point deliberately. The studies have shown time and time again that children will always value time above money assuming a lower-middle class level of comfort. It’s an odd example of men trying to Have It All, or seem to, by having Work he hates, Wife he tolerates, Children he abandons and a debauched social life he pretends is good for his family, let alone himself.

How often do you hear parenting tips for mothers? All of parenting books and TV shows and so on, tend to lecture to women. It isn’t pandering, it’s telling us we’re faulty and need ‘experts’ plugging a book to tell us how to do the most basic human functions, it’s like eating! They lecture us, it’s trashy anyway.

How often do you hear lectures on fatherhood, and purposefully, what a good father is?

You don’t.


Almost like modern society is against happy families, because they fill that emotional void with credit-purchased crap on Black Friday.

teadrinking sipping pretentious sarcastic bitch mmhmm not my problem lol

But that’s none of my business America.

And no, telling men not to abandon their kids after willingly reproducing is not advice. For all the mean stereotypes, the black family model used to be quite stable with the Church before the men went out for mistresses a la the faux Bachelor Life. I’m sure on their death beds, they’ll regret going to less strip-clubs and paying for less drinks at a bar.

5 responses to “Someone made a list of male privileges

  1. 1. Being hired for a job should be based on skill, not sex. If a man is chosen over a woman for a certain job, one is to assume it was because of skill. Current law prohibits sex discrimination at work – though this is changing with transgender interpretations of Title IX.
    2. If that’s what your co-workers are thinking instead of seeing you as a new worker that is dedicated to the job, then the focus on sex is on them, not you, and they are probably female.
    3. Unless you are working in an environment that is not bound by Title IX laws, this is illegal. This is not allowed even in Scandinavia.
    4. If you fail at your job – male or female – you should be held accountable. Women should not use the sexism card when being fired for their own mistakes.
    5. Men can and will be sexually harassed either by other females or gay males. Sexual harassment is wrong full stop and should not be allowed.
    6. Subjectively, that is up for interpretation and the work done. Objectively is another matter.
    7. Actually, no. If the 1 in 3 girls stat is true, then boys are 1 in 6, and boys are less likely to report rape than females.
    8. Walking alone at night in dangerous areas is simply dangerous. Black men have the highest homicide rate in places like Chicago, not black women.
    9. It will be by the parents, who may want grandchildren.
    10. Implies that single fatherhood is better than single motherhood despite both affecting a child. Single motherhood deeply affects the black community, and girls and boys without fathers tend to become violent.
    11. ‘Marginally competent’? That’s still being called a deadbeat dad. No one likes those, not even other men. Glad to see a male feminist excusing poor fatherhood.
    12. Women going to work is the norm now, and is required especially in places where a single parent working isn’t enough. It’s not shamed anymore. And women have always worked, so this point is null.
    13. See Donald Trump.
    14. See Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.
    15. Depends on where you work.
    16. Not anymore. Boys are encouraged to be more like girls in avoiding rough-and-tumble play.
    17. There are female superheroes and female heroines in pagan lore. There is nothing from stopping girls from reading these books and comics.
    18. Not anymore. Girls are focused on more than boys, and boys are routinely educated in ‘toxic masculinity’.
    19. Who really asks an upset woman if she’s on her period? Not men, they tend to stay away from that topic. Not even other women do that. That’s just stupid.
    20. Newspapers owned by Jews, you mean? Cosmopolitan isn’t mentioned.
    21. If you’re dumb with money, you are dumb with money – female or not. But women do spend more than men so I can see where this insult comes from.
    22. If you drive badly and put others in danger, that is your own fault. Drunk drivers are majority men, anyways.
    23. Oh, so women who speak to large groups of men are putting their sex on trail and not talking? Sounds like the male feminist is being very sexist here.
    24. Man-whore is the word. Also, gay bath house culture.
    25. Actually, yes. There is clothing that show off a man’s body.
    26. Because men are less pickier than women on clothing…? Funny how that works.
    27. Bullshit. Men’s grooming is important, unless the beta feminist doesn’t brush his hair.
    28. Literally no evidence for this. You buy what goes on sale and whether your credit is good.
    29. Yeah, no. Ugly men are told as such by women. They are degraded and ostracized. Ugly women are seen as empowering creatures. See the difference between the treatment of fat men vs fat women.
    30. Wrong again. You can be called rowdy or a dick. Unless the OP doesn’t like to raise his voice.
    31. Wrong again. If you are a man who has been raped, you are laughed at because you are seen as weak. There are little protections for male victims of rape.
    32. Nations, cars, and other inanimate objects are considered ‘she’ as a form of respect.
    33. Jesus Christ. Making bad decisions is ENTIRELY ON THE PERSON, REGARDLESS OF SEX.
    34. The woman doesn’t have to take her husband’s name, you know. And since she is marrying him, she takes on his name as a way of leaving her own family behind. That’s how it works.
    35. Asking a woman whether or not she plans to get pregnant is not sexist. It allows the employer to makes plans for her eventual maternity pay.
    36. Pagan religions have both gods and goddesses. Point is moot.
    37. You are providing for them. You are entrusted to their protection. That is your duty.
    38. That’s a nice way to kill sex drive.
    39. Because women usually want to do it…? Because they are very protective of their young…?
    40. Depends on the situation. If both parents are in dire financial straits, they both need to work.
    41. Gay porn. That is all. And women like looking at naked men, too.
    42. Wrong. Men are shamed for being fat more than women. If a man isn’t muscular, he isn’t deemed attractive by women. No excuse for fat slobs.
    43. Women can beat men, and domestic violence cases usually have both spouses beating each other.
    44. Sure, they can. Especially if you look downtrodden.
    45. See the ‘10 Hours of Walking as a Man in NYC’ video.
    46. Who fucking cares? Men are interrupted all the time. They just don’t give a shit.
    47. That is called being an idiot that doesn’t bother to do some fact-checking.

    I know this is old, but you’ve been slipping, DS. I know you don’t have a problem taking the reigns when Jews are involved. Especially with the ‘if men go to bars to pick up women, they are assaulting them’ post.

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