Video: “Nice” is status-demeaning


  • brilliant or bland
  • conscientiousness or psychoticism
  • earthly or spiritual wealth
  • timid or intense
  • servant or master
  • bland or strong
  • polite or unique
  • easy or difficult to please
  • simple or complex
  • muted or taboo
  • team member or team leader

Wow, I wonder which people would rather be, on a planet of billions?

Normal or Special?

It’s Darwin.

Less ‘nice’, more mating opportunities.

Trust no switch

Great. Now Even Your Headphones Can Spy on You

An old trick, re-purposed. It may read OUT, but appearances can be deceiving.

Like the people who can turn their navel in or out.

Tila Tequila kicked off Twitter
She should thank them. Twitter is over.
Not once did they dare mention her interview on the Daily Shoah, the real reason.

Not even once, kids. It isn’t fun and it isn’t funny. It will pollute and blow your tiny mind to hear an ex-porn star talk about her kids being safe in a playground.

You know that salute photo? Both those guys were Jews.
So you have an Asian girl and two Jews being called white supremacists.
I did tell you the Asians were based AF, they’re conniving. The women just want status. They’ll step over white men, hell, any men, to get it. They’re the most calculating of all feminists too, Asian women are amazingly matriarchal and self-interested (not always bad) they just give zero fucks. Of course, men rarely see this as masculine cos they keep up the cutesy crap long enough to pop out some kids and dump him. After birth, the Asian duty of a woman ends. An Asian mother puts out less than a Catholic in old age.

I will give her this, her interview was funny.

She’s a posturing Hitler fan, if she didn’t have tits nobody would give a shit.

Post-Rotherham, white people distrust Labour, this is why

links h/t to Anonymous Conservative

Labour party.

There is so much medical and psychiatric evidence of child abuse that at this point in time, anyone denying it is practically outing themselves as a pedophile. Life outcomes, suicide, these are not ‘relationships’ and consent is medical, so if anything it should be 18. Enforced rigorously.

“The present legal penalties are too high and reinforce the misinformation and prejudice. The duty of the court should be to inquire into all the relevant circumstances with the intention, not of meting out severe punishment, but of determining the best solution in the interests of both child and paedophile.”

Victim blaming. Why Rotherham happened. It was deliberate. It was a social experiment.

Lib Dem (basically). All the freaks and deviants in that one, they’re famous for it. You can look up various stories.

Almost as if they have a …Common Purpose.
Read UK Column people. Before it’s exposed, if ever.

Common Purpose could be nominated as the first SJWs, they are far, far Left on all matters degenerate and especially sexual. Animals? Fine. Kids? Whatever. Dead people? Clump of cells, nobody in there to consent or object. Even the acronym CP is also internet slang for child pr0n. Their symbol is an innocent little butterfly apparently.

I would write more but I am scared, truthfully, because they get to people. Anyone who speaks out openly, in public, you don’t really hear from again.

A lot of their fellow travellers are known to police, and travel openly, untouchable by national law because they’re rich and registered overseas.

They deserve the same treatment as the other kinds of rape gang. It makes me sick to share a city with these scum.

Meanwhile, the Tories toast to their glorious opposition’s stupidity in hiring a senile white man.

Jeremy Corbyn ridiculed by flood of memes after claiming ‘for all his flaws’ Fidel Castro was a social justice hero

Video: Snobbery

Snobs can’t judge the content of character to a person, so they must rest on the superficial, the signalled.
All status signallers are snobs.

Snobs are phony intellectuals.

They can’t discern quality, they lack those traits. They judge wealth, and other trappings of reward. They trust a third party opinion (judges, experts, authorities) more than their own and model like a child, from these. It’s mainstream, it’s safe, it’s very Goldilocks to have someone to look down on and someone else to suck up to.

They cannot discriminate quality, so they sneer at ‘discrimination’.

The Middle Class, who think good blood doesn’t matter, because they have none. The new snob, a rejection of blood and acceptance of any identity pretense, however flimsy. They cannot step out from their herd, they cannot be individual and they cannot be creative. They live in permanent fear of rejection. They seek to compete by spotting the creative, but this descended into shock-value politics, an artistic game of chicken. They are the Emperor of no clothes and have nothing. Most are in debt to look rich. They bought no opportunities and a heap of depression and anxieties. If their inheritance legally relied upon legitimacy, they’d quickly care about blood all of a sudden.

The Ikea caste.

The guy drawing attention to his Rolex and bragging about its mechanism doesn’t deserve to be wearing one. He doesn’t realize his target is the people who already know.

SJWs start questioning Queen Rowling

She’s been playing you for saps and rolling in your money.

Hermione is white.

The play was a cashgrab.

This film series is a desperate search for relevance but can’t decide if it’s a kid’s film or something decent for the source material.

Her priority is your infantile fantasy money, the petard is so loud because she brandishes it at others, hoping you’ll never apply it to her. She’ll never release something that loses money. Ever.

By all means, hold your Queen of Diversity to the most rigorous standards.

How else do you expect everyone else to follow them?

Footnote: they count the Jewish characters as white, obviously.

Cuck: People who voted me out a “tyranny of majority”

This is so Orwell.

You have a guy handed the Tory leadership by a woman* and who let victory slip through his fingers – and Tony Motherfucker Blair on your team.

Americans, you wanna know what John Major is known for?

He’s like a bland version of Clinton.

While preaching family values for the conservative party, he was balls-deep in adultery with a woman called Edwina Currie. Look them up and picture it if you want a permanent cure for premature ejaculation, you’ll never come again.

He is the original cuck for Labour, handing us New Labour with Blair and his ‘rubbing the right’s nose in diversity’ mass immigration policy, with the traitor himself who took treason off the list of grave punishments and nobody questioned it.

Even Guardian readers must be sniffing some of their own bullshit at this point.

*Proof that there are competent women and incompetent men.

Btw, Blair wants back into politics. Have we not suffered enough???

Why Trump won, explained by a Leftist

A white guy is still telling you what to do, morons.
Cultural Marxist blasphemy code. However, the Left hasn’t debated anything since it took over academia. At this stage, they’re incapable of it, which you could blame on student-body sum IQ or teaching standards, it’s a spiral.

See, most of them are like this. Most of them are fully aware of what they stand for (“I would rather vote for Lucifer!”) and what they do and they are self-aware as well as self-loathing. They are destroying themselves but taking you down with them.

Why is the self-aware r-type suddenly discussing tactics? Loss after loss, they spot a pattern.

I love how they’re outing themselves nowadays, so convinced they’re on the right side of history…

2017 will be even better, I promise you.

“Being offended doesn’t work anymore.”

trans. Words don’t hurt them! Why don’t words hurt them?! Change the words!

Why is the Right suddenly winning, now it’s finally fighting back after decades of irrelevance? It isn’t playing nice. It isn’t ignoring identity for ideology. The two are the same, look at voter patterns.

To replace the culturally relevant, you replace their social circles, creating alternatives, and you replace their art.
We have the internet. We have the memes. We are unstoppable.

It’s like the new Anonymous, you can’t kill a Hydra by lopping off one head at a time and they’re slowly coming to the conclusion that they rested on their laurels. They keep trying to find a leader to blame. That’s old media tactics. It has no relevance to this battlefield. Tested by GG, these tactics beat the SJW. Formalized in SJWAL, they beat the whole regressive structure, the facade built up over decades slowly and sneakily. The West is waking up. Like a parent coming home to a trashed house, they’re pretty pissed.
Personally, I can’t wait until the Chinese knock out their White quislings. The expression on the cucky faces… they think non-whites are incapable of betraying them, you see. They think they, as white men, can always control and keep the others in line… The Red Dragon rises and Trump might shift Putin to us over them, West over East. He is the Kingmaker and we have Christianity in common, as well as, you know, genetics, which helps. China is getting desperate and has a lot of gold. A grasp for power, openly in the West, before it fully comes to its senses would be logical.
Ad hominem means you lose. They’re learning this the hard way. They sided with the over-sensitive, the low IQ and the lazy. Naturally, this was fated to be their outcome, it simply came sooner as a result of meme magic and internet shitposting. It’s almost like people who spend most of their time crying on the internet about the scary world outside don’t represent the average voter. You know, who does not, in fact, live in their parents’ basement?
Something I’ve noticed with the cucks – when the straight white men crack, they all crack. When they eventually kick out those guys because no words will account for their sin of Whiteness anymore, they’d better have enough Asian men [(((IQ)))] to replace them or it’s game over. The white and ‘white’ and whatever men have kept that boat from sinking with their competence and classic education despite the endless flow of refugees threatening to capsize it like the door after the Titanic, if we’re sticking with economic metaphor.
“Persuade people of your argument, it’s so easy-“
This is going to be fun.
I’m not going to say why. It just is.

I wonder when the sex will stop. The sex tap controlling them. The rice-chasers, as I saw VD call them, might not think so highly of the people calling for their elimination from power and the planet when the sexual conditioning and neurochemical appeasement of endorphin squirts wears off. Nobody really considers this and I hate pointing it out. However, it is a primary motivation in men and salient to concerns. There is predictive value in it.

I do wonder if the Asian women will go back to their men as they gain power in the West. I think so, generally. Being collectivist in gene and belief, they’ll go where the power is. What to do with their spurned lovers…

Update: in a word, they’re closed-minded. We aren’t even listening to them anymore. They are so used to the media babying them like this character ‘parodies’, they always expected we’d sit down, shut up, listen and believe. As it is, the people currently listening are doing it for the lolz, we rational folk stopped respecting their opinion right around the time they argued sex chromosomes aren’t real. What’s next, roll back germ theory because it influences sexuality? They are this deluded, they think their world, their social bubble, is greater than reality. That’s what we call coddled. Mollycoddled. I’m starting to think the entire liberal complex is rooted in imposter syndrome. Why else support the people who keep losing, if they don’t secretly think it would include them? It would explain the guilty Hollywood elite, who know they don’t deserve those 7 figure checks.
Americans finally learned what a Punch and Judy show looks like.
The reason we try to shut them up for five goddamn minutes is to get them to listen.
They can’t afford to be conceited.