Floating the idea of race re-education centers


Of course, it won’t be compulsory…

Until the next administration.

I hope you vote correctly next week, America. We gave you Brexit, you can’t blame us. I’ve been avoiding your emotional drivel for coverage online. All the Hitler rhetoric is monotonous. But he really is this time, they’ll scream at the next guy. Technically it’s Europhobic.


The Kitty Genovese thing was largely a fabrication by a journalist. It’s apocryphal.

The truth behind the story of Kitty Genovese and the bystander effect

On the topic of bystander effects.

Meanwhile, if we’re to believe racism is a moral wrong and yet a neutral science, and also natural in cause, set, but also amenable to change by nurture…

Cognitive dissonance observed in children and monkeys

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