Guardian thinks Tories are “New Right”

The Alt Right laughs darkly to itself.

amused smoking lol haha watching with anticipation

How dare the Opposition oppose us! How dare they attempt enact the policies democratically sanctioned in the highest voter turnout!

Let’s ask ourselves, we aren’t as biased as the People. 

Look around the world and everywhere you see the name of the “people” being used to insulate over-mighty states from dissent.

Like the EU?

If the judges had tried to overturn the referendum result, or parliament was threatening to keep us in the EU, you could at least excuse them.

They are. First it goes through Parliament despite already going through Parliament. Then after that second round it will probably go up to the Supreme Court, full of ex-Labour lackeys on a life peerage, then… guess where? Oh yes, the EUROPEAN COURTS. Please, Miss Merkel, can I have some more sovereignty?

You cannot say the same about the new demagogic right now in power. When checks and balances stand in its way, it wants to smash them in the name of “the people”. To escape the Europe of the present, it is reviving the language of the Europe of the past.

All democratically-elected bodies are demagogic.
They have what’s called a mandate. You couldn’t get one.
You wanted Fixed Term Parliaments, motherfuckers.
How dare we use words you disapprove of? Seriously?

Lestat laughter lol lmao haha IWTV film

Thought police? Certain ideas haz been banned?

The same linguistic trickery Cultural Marxism invented? How dare we play by the rules of your game, against you?

This is politics, not a milquetoast tea party.

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