Low-fat diets and mannish women


I find these diet and drinking water connections specious.

Interesting, but probably wrong.

Due to the fact both sexes are exposed. So if diet is important, men wouldn’t be turning into Pajama Boy. If the drinking water is more of a factor, women wouldn’t look like porn stars (the Hollywood model for beauty, and high-testosterone).

Nope, seems like sexual selection based on the welfare state to me.

Interesting though.

I post because the evidence is pretty clear connection insulin levels to hormone functions, but again, this also applies to men, and this CARBS CARBS CARBS diet is as bad as Atkins or PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN. As if they’re all the same? Whey protein is shit, dudebros. You should know this with all your reading. It’s estrogenic. I bet this has nothing to do with their emotional issues.

Nor is a hormone good or bad. You must have balance. It’s simply bad to throw that balance off. In anyone.

2 responses to “Low-fat diets and mannish women

  1. Messing with sex hormones has odd effects. My hormones are high all round, so I have symptoms of high T (body hair, deeper voice, broader shoulders] right alongside symptoms of high E (wide hips, hourglass curves, softer skin] and high progesterone (dense bones, healthy libido, fewer autoimmune symptoms than relatives], etc. If I increase my testosterone, I can actually lose T symptoms as my body fights to rebalance. Although pregnancy increases estrogen and progesterone, I am hairier and more volatile (lovely, right?], but my libido, other than sheer exhaustion, remains unaffected. Put me on estrogen replacement and I become severely depressed and suffer near constant headaches.

    It’s been found that even though modern women display high T symptoms physically, that dosing most modern women with supplementary testosterone or a T-promoting diet results in improved mental and physical health. There’s a chance all the imbalances we see are actually down to estrogen-dominance over progesterone, low testosterone, low free testosterone, or the wrong type of estrogen in men and women alike. The different effects are because our bodies are very different and hormones are highly nuanced.

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