Study: Survival capacity after brain death

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Further along the life-death continuum, skin and brain stem cells are known to remain alive for several days after a person has died. Living muscle stem cells have been found in corpses which are two-and-a-half-weeks old.

Even our genes keep going long after we’ve taken our last breath. Earlier this year, scientists discovered thousands which spring to life days after death, including those involved in inflammation, counteracting stress and – mysteriously – embryonic development.

This feeds in to all of those lies organ donors or prospectives are told.

If the person is dead, their organs cannot be transplanted. They are useless, when ‘harvested’ from corpses, pre-programmed cell death reactions have already kicked in. They must be taken before death is complete. 

Today beating heart cadavers have spawned a strange new medical specialty, “cadaver donor management”, which aims to improve the success of transplants by tending to the health of the dead.

…they’re currently the only reliable source of hearts for transplant.

Do you know what this means?
Those organs feel pain. They still live and sense.

If human consciousness or any form of sentience is anywhere other than the brain or detectable at a level beneath current technology (now EEG) – they would feel themselves being eviscerated, in shock after hearing the surgeons planning the procedure verbally, unable to respond, and die in one of the most grisly, almost Satanic ways possible. Vivisection. 

How likely is any of that? The limits of current science?

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