The manosphere’s problem in one meme


Literally. I’ve had this conversation;

Guy: What does she want?
Me: Do this, this and this.
Guy But what does she want? Why won’t she just tell me?
Me: Did you ask her?
Guy: I shouldn’t have to, she should just tell me.
Me: And how should she know? Why won’t you just tell her?
Guy: ….But what does she want from me????

If you can talk about sexual stuff, you can communicate on literally any other topic under the Sun. Quit playing coy.

Moral: men don’t get to decide what women need/want, nor vice versa because the sexes are different, remain different and their needs/wants specific, possibly unique. If you disagree, you needn’t associate with them. Clear? Clear.

Alright, real talk. That was good.

And nobody got called sexist because we’re all speaking to each other and listening like human beings.

3 responses to “The manosphere’s problem in one meme

  1. Another casualty in the fight for “equality”. It’s almost as though when we say “the sexes do this differently and shouldn’t”, the natural pattern is for the sex with the functional behaviour to suddenly adopt the dysfunctional one. When we see women don’t drink as much as men, women start drinking until they’re blotto as well. When men complain women expect them to read minds, men start expecting women to read minds. :/

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