All Hail Trump

The Hitler memes didn’t work, huh? Screaming racist bigot neither?

Meme magic is real.

The internet is hilarious today. All your whining did nothing.

Where’s the wrong side of history shit?

Here’s one of the funniest reactions I was flagged. From a non-American.

What has been learned from history? Nothing, apparently. A dark day. He won because of hatred. He used anger, desperation and vulnerability for his own gain and power. Nothing will ‘change’, just provide room for more hatred and exclusion as seen with #Brexit. I hope the #EU stands strong against such hate and continues to fight for the freedom, equality, and peace for all. I shall fight my own battle in my daily life standing up for the oppressed and providing a voice for those who have been silenced. #USelection2016#SadDay#IwillStandAgainstHateandOppression 


Clinton would’ve got away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddlin’ white people.

Why did they lose?

Salon: “We must shame dumb Trump fans: The white working class are not victims
It’s not smug liberalism to point out Trump backers are low-educated. What’s dangerous is to sympathize with them

Among the best media reactions was Time Out UK.


They’ve taken it down now.

Hey, if you’re feeling low, imagine all the millionaires crying in their mansions right about now?

At least Hollywood lost.

What about the inequality that famous votes only count for one?

OT: Didn’t they say Republicans would never win an election again? They were really smug about it for years after Obama 2. Something about too few white people?

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