RE: Alt-Right vs. Social Justice Warriors

Of interest to some.

Hendrik Verbraeken

Feel free to respond to this, ERA.

Hello. An individual by the name of “Equal Rights Advocate” (herein after referred to as “ERA”), created the infographic below.


Apart from the fact that this infographic generalizes the entire Alt-Right as National Socialists, it compares the entire Alt-Right with Social Justice Warriors (herein referred to as “Leftists”), which is neither a justifiable comparison, nor does it properly address any basic premise held by the Alt-Right.

Alt-Right: Believes races and cultures should be separated from each other.

Leftists: Believes whites shouldn’t take part in the cultures of POC and POC should be given “safe spaces”

The problem with this is that individuals within the Alternative Right, such as myself, are logically consistent, as this concept is applied to all races, as opposed to the leftist, where their derivative of this basic concept is only applicable to ethnic whites.

In addition, the combination of disparate, and often…

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