The chart you need re votes for women

h/t VoxDay

Yeah, they’re a good idea.

The racial suffrage came in after sex didn’t it? This is why. I’ve said before, according to HBD, the sexes are more alike than the races. Here’s proof from the latest election.

Anyone trying to be edgy and saying women vote Left is only thinking of college students, who rarely vote regardless. Women historically vote with family and security. They want you to focus on sex so you’ll accept them, and they’re always a race other than white, aren’t they? Coincidence, right?

Triangulation is a form of domestic abuse. Rabble-rousers, let’s you and him fight. Divide and conquer the civilization to be barren. Sexism is that the opposite sex (nobody ever feels it about themselves) cannot be trusted. The rest is specious.
In this case, blame the female, how dare you mention race! shrieking.

Most of the time, they don’t hate women for a logical reason, but because of their religion, if you know what I mean. #youknowexactlywhatImean The rest is a rationalization about Western porn whores, as if all women are porn stars (nothing about the male ones and directors, admin companies, oddly).

Like, turn on your women, reject them sexually. [MGTOW]
We’ll be happy to take them off your hands, white man! [PUA]

Then they gloat to you that white women don’t want you anymore.
I’m sure that’s why they have to try so hard with stupid lines and text games, and rapes are still a frequent thing.

They think we’re all (white people) stupid to their tactics. The Middle Eastern culture in particular praises lying and deception. Look it up.

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