LISTEN AND BELIEVE, screeches Guardian

How dare you question them, after all, their predictions are so truthful!

arrogant smug uhuh aww yes yeah mhmm sexy bamf hugh jackman

Don’t trust the fake news from people with no financial interest who haven’t stashed away hundreds of millions from the Autotrader deal in an offshore account but still have the nerve to put a wikipedia-like appeal at the bottom of the articles.

The Alt-Right are liars and trolls with the half truth, don’t cha know? Ignore all the exposures of media corruption, like the New Year’s attacks.

We need more banning and more of an echo chamber because you stupid people won’t listen to us anymore.

We appeal to our own authority and ad hominem the little guy but don’t worry, they don’t mean it and they’re not a threat. We’re laughing at you, really. Btw, Pepe is a Nazi. No Scorpion/Frog metaphor there!

So how do you break it? Menczer says the solution is to create a filter.

What censorship?

No censorship here! We’re denying them a platform, it’s the liberal thing to do! Free speech, within reason. Feelings over any facts, which might be misinterpreted as personal.

In a separate study the social networking site worked out how to make people feel happier or sadder by manipulating the information posted on 689,000 users’ news feeds. It found it could make people feel more positive of negative through a process of “emotional contagion”.

No brainwashing no Sir. We have always been at war with Syria Oceania.

In September 2016, the company joined a coalition, along with Twitter, to improve the quality of reporting on social media and cut down on fake news. We have yet to see the fruits of this alliance.

The Twitter hemorrhaging money for years?
By punishing its users? Great business plan. This is why the internet calls him Fuckerberg. 

It’s difficult to make money off tumblr users so unstable they must live in the womb of their parent’s house.

Nearly Half of Twitter’s Senior Leaders Are Leaving…/twitter-executives-hubbard-messerschmidt-leaving

Whatever happened to Mozilla after they kicked out that donations guy?

It seems SJW entryism destroys everything it touches. #alwayslie

Maybe we need to mix in having ethics and principles and caring about the fact that people have a reasonable and rational experience of the information they process.

translation: you’re too stupid to know what you want to read

Shadowbanning posts has happened for years. People on the far left of the Marxist spectrum have found it ‘funny’. Most younger people notice. Why do they think we seek this all out? Independently?

That’s what scares them. Independence. A loss of control, small at first like sawing at a huge tree. One little dent. A chink in the defenses. The aggressors of an information Stockholm Syndrome.

Have you seen the comment sections disappearing or so tightly wound with deletions it’s silly?
Even on science sites, ostensibly about getting to the truth?

They’re all concern trolling us and calling us the trolls for having principles.
Meh, let God sort ’em out. The pendulum is hard shifting back after the 60s onward. History is a wheel.

I’ve seen traffic spikes from these people. Yes, hello, I see you.

It’s like Anonymous really, you might be able to monster mob a few people, sure, but there’ll always be another ten to take their place.

Damn, I wish Anonymous was still useful. Isn’t he, like, semi-retired now? You see all these tiny factions claiming stupid shit and the most inane OWS lefties too, thinking it’s low effort and cool. At least their parents are spending their inheritance, their property taxes will be insane to pay for immigration and their debt will go unpaid because of the policies they suicidally voted in. Slave away, useful idiots. Your teachers lied. It doesn’t get better. It gets worse.

When Gens Y and Z realize en masse how screwed we are economically, it’ll be a bloodbath.

People are sick of it. We’re making our own media. We don’t ask for your opinion because we don’t care.

The Left wing is wrong about everything, all their predictions fail. Notice that? For those crying anti-science it’s like, really? We’re meant to respect you? But you make it so hard. And screaming racist bigot or even Nazi doesn’t work anymore. Aside from being libelous, it isn’t an argument. It’s a fallacy. This isn’t a college safe space complete with dummies to suck on. Everyone has life this hard, nobody is special.

Why aren’t the right wing or anyone else for that matter entitled to their safe spaces? huh?

Not that I care, generally, whatever happens is hardly my doing. Here for the lolz. If I happen to inform you, the world is a slightly better place. Distrust those who think you’re too dumb to question what you read. Book-burning is next.

Read any UN reports lately?

They wanted identity politics, we said fine – where’s our slice?

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