Who is funding Stop Funding Hate?

We don’t know. They’re private so they hide that information.


On the paperwork, it’s run by two NGO workers, so it’s completely without bias /s but using Governmental protection for their funding scheme. Why didn’t they file public? What do they want limited legal and financial liability for? Why aren’t they a charity?

They’ve put out this nonsense trying to persuade companies into cucking themselves for their politics.

Now that’s what I call propaganda. Maybe if their voter campaigns were so good they wouldn’t keep losing!

As for deliberately lying confusing newspapers with shops…

What is a Christmas ad? It’s all about looking after the ingroup, that’s why they’re CHRISTMAS ads, the implication it’s all about Christian charity, a virtue which is shown to other, practicing Christians, during the season. Isn’t foisting our religious values on others imperialist? Why are they starting on private companies? the middle class ones too. It’s so funny, they don’t have a go on Lidl and Tesco, do they? Cameron wanted to control the papers too. Freedom of press is the reason we have press. They say on their FB site they value freedom of speech and choice, why the strongarm emotional appeal? Why the guilt-trip? Why the emotional blackmail? If you loved me, you would!

Papers are meant to report the news. The truth. It isn’t supposed to be PC or friendly. That’s the world we live in. Nobody buys it for the crossword. They aren’t supposed to flog a toaster. A toy company doesn’t have the luxury of having values, they need to reach parents. Why are they ordering these people around? Where do they get the right? The shareholders have a right. They’re trying the Gamergate thing but with papers. Boycott. It’s a boycott. Ha, in a market, they’ll lose money, their competition has an opening, a weakness. Those ad spaces will be filled, and the common papers have the highest readership. Do you really think the average Daily Express reader shops at Waitrose? HA. By next quarter those people in the Ad Dept will have been fired, the private sector doesn’t care about feelings, they don’t pay the rent. No, actually, capitalism doesn’t care.

This is a pathetic response to not feeding the trolls, except, it isn’t the journalist’s fault the news is bad. They hate it more than anyone. Their duty is to report it. They aren’t all professionally hired liars. You see, they’re really trying to impose Guardian editorial sensibilities on all the other papers. It’s sneaky. That way, the Guardian doesn’t lose revenue to other papers, who won’t take certain adverts. However, they have no qualms about off-shore accounts and selling off AutoTrader, read by the working class. Essentially this is a classist movement, you can tell by the pick of papers. They want the working class reader/voter to feel abandoned by the big strong powerful capitalists companies and have restricted choice among the respectable middle class. Why not buy the Guardian? The papers have the same ‘values’ after all.


The Express readership is 3x the Guardian. Daily Mail is top of the list.

These are Guardian readers (NGO workers, come on). They know they’re losing relevance and are desperately trying to claw it back.
I wouldn’t be shocked if one of Guardian Media Group’s offshore accounts was funding this private company and its campaigning.

I guess we could go full Cromwell and ban Christmas if they prefer? Good luck selling the companies on that.

Everyone will have forgotten about this by December. I hope the Lego staff didn’t need their Christmas bonus.

2 responses to “Who is funding Stop Funding Hate?

  1. The female appears to be a Green Party activist and charity worker for Womankind Worldwide who campaign on female equality in the Third World. She’s also from a minority background herself. Not so hard why she wishes to use economic warfare on newspapers whose content often is critical of immigration.

    The male is an author, anti-oil/green activist who seems, from his blog https://richardwilsonauthor.com, to be campaigning, partly due to his sister’s legacy, who was killed in Africa and who opposed the Mail’s influence on government policy wrt refugee issues.

    Doesn’t take a lot of money to set up a firm and have you lefty friends in the media help publicise a campaign against the hated Daily Mail. It would have died, except the wet Scandinanvian Lego company has given it a significant boost.

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