The Jezebel Spirit

It’s strange that in modern discussions of social/sexual possession by ’emotional vampire’ types, nobody mentions the Jezebel (not uniquely female but often).

They control via sex.

I saw a very recent somewhat famous example of this and it can prove an addiction to some victims, seeking to fix the woman with each attempt and leaving suddenly when she goes for the kill commitment.
These are women they’d never have children with, they know it’s a bad idea. Reproductive abuse happens, guys, she can ‘forget’ to take her whore pills.


(there’s the true test of femininity, would she love her own babies? more than herself?)

Rule for life. And vice versa.

She loves to steal your influence, spouse, ideas, job, money, innocence, and take credit for things she didn’t accomplish. She makes you feel powerless, out of control, confused with severe bouts of depression and vain imaginations raging against your mind.

Do you hear her complain about her enemies like they’re less than human?
Does she fake femininity around you?
Does she rarely complain about you, but speaks down to you like a mother when she does?

Jezebel targets the ignorant, the spiritually weak, the hurting, wounded, offended, the lonely, even the corrected rebellious. Jezebel works in spiritual deception and guile to advance her own agenda.

To create soul ties the Jezebel spirit must first seduce you. They flatter and make you feel special or good about yourself. This works for some that have never felt special or never had anyone say much good about them. The Jezebel spirit knows how to “feed you” with compliments if that’s what it takes to build a relationship with you.

They ‘accidentally’ fall into bed ‘early’ and easily. They ‘happen’ to be into all the same sex stuff as you or willing to try anything behind that seeming ‘innocence’.
This makes men feel guilty. Guilt makes men easy to control.

The Jezebel spirit takes advantage of all our flaws and weaknesses. As your relationship with Jezebel continues she makes you feel that you can’t live without her and need her in order to be successful.

Stockholm Syndrome works better on men than women.

The urge to protect is perverted, so in appearance the adult woman is girlish and almost pedophilic for a man’s taste, but if you watch her behaviour she’s worse than a social dominatrix. The man can try to hide a history of such women, trying to unconsciously make himself less of a target. This doesn’t work, they can smell it. Man with money. Man with status (more valuable than money). The worst gold-diggers are status whores. They use such men like ladders, often happening to work in a career where being a ‘duo’ makes sense. Guess who’s on top?

The control of Jezebel doesn’t happen overnight. The control is little by little and bit by bit. This spirit beats you down a little at a time.

Sound like psychological abuse?

Jezebel’s demonic power sucks the life out of you and makes you want to give up and quit. You say things to yourself like, “What’s the use?”

Usually it’s apparent objectively in that no matter how hard you work, your career goes nowhere. They usually say things like “oh, but my girlfriend is very supportive.” Where do you think that energy is going?

Perhaps the Jezebel spirit entered your life when you were the most vulnerable. Maybe you needed help and the Jezebel spirit was there.

Abusers want the victim completely dependent on them.
It’s like an invisible leash. She’s allowed to slacken it, but the moment you look elsewhere…

Puppet on a string.

Others notice they interrupt any unsanctioned happiness or redirect it to themselves (energy). She can’t be ‘strong’ and in need of rescue. She’s a user.

They feel vengeful against the opposite sex, whichever it may be. They seek to humiliate them in various ways, not including that relationship with them, often someone far beneath them in looks. This includes working ‘with’ them i.e. to keep an eye on them and dominate them in their profession among colleagues under the guise of feminine help and in the case I’m thinking of she talked the guy into adopting a fucking Chihuahua.

A fucking Chihuahua.

There’s a picture of him online smiling like a total prick and the hideous thing has a pink collar.

I was looking at it aghast, I mean, I can think of means to humiliate men but that is evil.*

It’s often said that borderlines, for example, fear abandonment.
No, they don’t.
They fear their victim getting away.

Of course, there’s one way to test these people.
Stop sleeping with them.

that's enough stop please karen will and grace

This is why men fall prey in particular. They know they don’t want to stay with her in their heart of hearts, but it’s free/cheap sex… or so they think. Women never put out without getting something in return. If you don’t know what that is, it’s probably your agency.

Yet because they fear being cut off from the control outlet of sex, they threaten with it.

Suggest a break, specifically a sex break, and watch the rage bubble up.
Losing their narcissistic supply.
Then the passive-aggression and overt manipulation, if not guilt-tripping, trying to induce the ultimate state of self-loathing and personal insults (weirdly fixated on race).

* Do you need me to tell you she converted him to social justice and, worse than this, The Mindy Project?
Stories like these are the reason I have lost all hope for Western men. Although I guess it was his fault for dating crazy non-white chicks in the first place. It was never going to end well. White women are worse at controlling our men than all the other races. The Asian women are best, look at the stereotype of what happens to an Asian woman when you put a ring on it, an overbearing woman with balls bigger than any man, specifically the Chinese are masters at this slow burn ingratiation process before turning and crushing the spirit, not the Japanese as suspected by Geisha culture. The Chinese are closely followed by Africans, who are a little more upfront about wanting partially-white babies (and rejecting suitors from their own continent/racial group, from self-hatred, which the children also inherit). If she was really sweet and innocent, she wouldn’t fall into bed so quickly and she wouldn’t be interested in you. Oops! babies often happen 2-3 years in, when she feels she ‘deserves’ an engagement (do not give her one, say it’s outdated and Patriarchal, warn her of this before as collateral), sometimes five years if she has her ‘career’. Naturally, if you ask, she’ll expect you to drop your career, for Princess Pinko, although yours probably makes far more money and is further along. She’ll make you feel bad about that.


If she’s so independent, she’ll make the perfect single mother!
Extra SJW status points! They think single mothers are better than wives, right?
And never feel bad about forcing an SJW into an abortion. They love it. They get them repeatedly. Either that or so much alimony you lose your house in Hampstead.

Why details? They might help some poor schmuck who can learn better.

He won’t ever, ever see this post btw. Although I wish he would. Dude. What have you done?
Just don’t marry the crazy, please. These women are great at extracting proposals. Like, experts. It’s scary.

The spiteful little dog (the smaller a dog, the more concentrated the rage), such an emblem of its true master (the woman) was the crowning moment of WTF for me in that story. I give up on helping the sap.

minor rant,

kinda like that Asian plastic surgery Princess gold digger to the white British billionaire a while back

in case you missed it

I’ve heard such women in the ladies’ room talk about snagging a man, usually a rich man or a white man, someone to control with fake femininity. It’s sick, they’re uglier on the inside if that’s possible. These guys have no idea, she does the exotic innocent act and can stay around to get a certain type of baby before making off. These women come from a matriarchal culture, look at the Grandmas. That’s who they really are, shrews worse than… well, the alternatives. Their careers falter too as with all abuse it messes productivity so they have nothing to fall back on, the fools. It never twigs why, and nobody has the heart to tell them they’re ruined. All because nauseatingly phony feminine wiles distracted their upstairs head when better women are a click away in any case. Ego ego, all the way down to the gutter. These women keep moving because everyone hates them where they came from, this never twigs either, if they stopped shagging them for a week she’d have nothing to manipulate with or blame him for. They hug them at strategic points too to shut them up** and the fake giggles get on my tits, as someone who suppresses giggling. It’s like a gold-digger but also Stockholm Syndrome, so they say like oh my career is on the rocks but my girlfriend is supportive. The passive-aggression disapproval like a mother annoys me, passive-aggression isn’t feminine. Look at the timing. Manipulation is difficult to detect, unless you look at the timing. Like, if you wouldn’t sign over your finances to them, you don’t really trust them not to screw you over. That’s what having sex is like now, with alimony. Then again, a lot of them want someone to feel superior to, by being the hot one. I don’t have too much sympathy with the fools who go back to abusers. What a waste.

Terrible taste offends me more than bad behaviour. If you’re going to be shallow at least have good taste. And I only respect men based on the quality of their women, if they can stick their dick in ugly, and worse, frequently and happily, I don’t wanna know them. They lost any respect because their hindbrain is underdeveloped to the proper standard. All women care about this, why do you think we ask about exes and try to find pictures? Other men, the powerful ones no coincidence, judge by it too, why else give you a plus one to the office party? Trash travels down the same street. The same goes for women but the average man is less attractive than the average woman so this must be accounted for. Discrimination and discernment are highly important in social relations and intimate relationships are the best test of character. Better some freaky fetish than deliberately dating beneath them for some self-loathing reason. They abjure their league so we keep them at a distance too. They get a rep. We aren’t stupid. They hate themselves, their level, they’ll sabotage us too. I hate when they lie about something everyone can see n’all, like, we aren’t screwing it, the endorphin squirts haven’t hurt our perception of reality. She isn’t a ‘nice person once you get to know her’ the need to include a clause shouldn’t be there. Bad sexual history, bad partner in anything. ANYTHING. Have you heard the CEO advice? When looking at a promotion, they look at the women. Those choices are the most important you will ever make. Sometimes you look and think ew, how could you? They’re
so ordinary. Not plain, which can be quite nice, but just bland? Boring? Ugly certainly, but not even interesting with it? How could that impress them? Were they tricked? Sometimes they are. It’s too funny to laugh at them, we just pity. They’re ruined forever on their better options now. It’s like a CV. They don’t even spring for her plastic surgery so it looks like a concubine arrangement and he wonders why he gets no respect at work. No shame. No idea what character defect they’ve shown the world. “Not our class, dear” as the saying goes. Don’t expect to come crying to us… the partner, on the other hand, must be reveling in it. Especially control of a certain type of white straight man from a conservative background. Getting one over on The Man, by jumping on him regularly.

**Strategic hugs bring out the paternal in men and release oxytocin, quelling any sudden independence of thought.

In short, if they hate your very being (white, male, privileged education) DO NOT FUCK THEM.

They hate you. They’ll ruin your life!

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