Link: Rabbit bluffs and threats of authority

Several themes you will note when dealing with liberals are demonstrated here.

Nobody can deduce the truth, so nothing should ever be done, and nobody can offer any sort of analysis.

How dare you question us?
How dare you discuss us?
Exposing their tricks and deceptions, if widely shared, will make their lives immeasurably harder.

The only thing worse than being talked about…

You can’t win because either way they complain, they find a way to make it about themselves personally and then to play victim.

The self-aware r-type is funny because they think they’re being subtle.
They assume nobody is quite as smart as them so they come to places like this or go places like there and tell us STOP.

Well, logically, if we’re stupid/wrong/harmless, there’s no need?

They are anti-intellectual when the truth contradicts them. They come before the world.

Bloody narcs.

They do bluff because they wouldn’t do anything themselves, that would risk their precious neck. Instead they ‘tell’ on the person asking questions and expect other people, like minions, to fix their personal problems with another. Like the State as HR. Triangulation, where they’re the blameless 3rd party – let’s you and him fight, divide and conquer.

The knowledge that people onto them exist is so irritating to them they immediately out themselves, trying to discredit that person. It’s like spot the vegan. If you look at any blogs about domestic abuse or gaslighting, the people with power to lose via those ends will be nitpicking and dismissing the whole thing.

That isn’t suspicious at all…

Abusers or other ‘mindfuckers’ want their targets to feel powerless and stupid. From gaslighting to threatening to report them frivolously. Who judges? Why have any debates then? They also argue all judgement is wrong, because hypocrites are too good to be consistent!

They appeal to authority, even disturbingly, their own, and expect the rest of the world to just go with it.

As otherwise noted, appeal to authority is not an argument.

It isn’t a rebuttal. It’s proof you’ve got nothing. You’d only want to silence someone with a valid point.

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