What if the secret behind degeneracy is terrible parents?


The reason we have consent laws, and no, they don’t just apply to men.

There are plenty of female pedophiles too. Case in point.

Not once is the term rape used in connection to that poor boy. Because men can’t be victims?

Wow, so progressive to let a predator repeatedly rape your child, your legal minor, you have a duty to protect until 18.

Why are so many left-wingers acting like teenagers and thinking they are, for legal purposes?
She can’t even do her make-up like an adult. Why is she treated with any leniency?
The most soul-destroying comment I saw on heavy.com was this.

“Let her off….a woman having an affair with a teen male is ok by my book. The kid loved it! I mean, 10-year olds are having sex already. 13 is not that young! The guy probably have watched porn.”

And there it is. The justification for pedophilia.

  1. The victim enjoyed rape.
  2. Kids are ‘having sex’ with other kids. [False, they cannot consent and the law should reflect that.]
  3. Porn taught them how.

One response to “What if the secret behind degeneracy is terrible parents?

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